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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update from the hospital...hahahahah...what was I thinking!?

Well...that was a whirlwind...We got there at 4:45 am Monday morning, surgery started before 7. Went off without a hitch. Perfect surgery. We even have an awesome DVD of my surgery...hit me up if your interested ;) Took less than an hour, he decided I could go home. We were out of the hospital by 2:00. That was awesome...except I had to give up my morphine. Yeah, morphine.... We drove home, Chance filled nausea meds and vicodine scripts, my bestie came to see me, she even sat there while I tried to puke...you haven't felt pain until you try to puke after have 80% of your stomach cut out. Let me tell you, that's a different kind of pain. I've pretty much just been sleeping. Drinking my liquids, taking my pain killers and sleeping. They say sleep is the best way to re coop. I hope they're correct. Protein powder is a godsend. Everything taste different now. No bad different, just new different. It's very odd. I finally got to take a shower this morning....I swear to you, I smelled like a skunk, but I did have this really awesome orange tan from mid thigh to just above my chest...lol...bedodine. ;) lol
Today has been a little better. I've discovered many things about my body through this short while. First of all, when they say you're going to have gas, they aren't kidding...lol...and you can't really control it either...good thing my mother and children have a good sense of humor and don't judge me too much. Secondly, it hurts when my stomach growls....like makes my eyes tear up hurt. Thirdly, I really didn't realize I could live off of this few calories and be alright. I'm barely bringing in 600 calories, but I'm taking my Flintstones chewable (that's all I can handle right now) and my unflavored protein powder and I'm doing alright.
This is a mumble jumbled mess, but my mind is just kinda like that right now....I'm going to give you a peek at what i got to "eat" yesterday....lol...enjoy, don't judge :)
7:45 nausea med 1/2 vidodin
8:00 sugar free Popsicle
8:15 1/2 vicodin
10:55 4oz. ckn broth w/ protein powder
1:00 1/2 vicodin
1?30 1/2 vicodin
4:15 nausea meds, 4 oz chicken broth/ pp, 1/2C diluted apple juice
5:30 1/2 vicodin
5:45 1/2 vicodin
5:55 5oz water
9:00 sugar free popsicle.
That's my day...and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get all that down. I'm also sipping water throughout the day....slowly, and not too close to "meal" times.
Thanks for all thoughts and prayers and support!! It means the world!! :D
And a HUGE shout out to all my friends at Milan!!! I LOVE MY CARD!!! Thank you so much! It brightened my day :D Thanks for bringing it by Annie :D


kellye said...

=) I am thankful everything went so well and you are feeling good enough to give us an update! I'm so not judging your food intake, I am just slightly jealous of all the vicodin and naps! LOL Just Kidding! ;)

MissBillie said...

there is that one upside Kellye ;) lol