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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 15...

I have no clever title...never have been good with the title thing...lol...anywho- I had some energy this morning, so I decided to go on a walk with my babies....yeah, they're 5 and I still call them my babies...deal with it...lol We walked from our house up to the main road and back and I used this spiffy little website HERE! Thanks Carrie ;) And it told me approximately how much we walked....pretty cool website if ya ask me. :)

So yep, I'm feeling pretty good today, the in laws are coming to town today!! The kiddos are super excited and I am too. It's nice having them around. It will most definitely be a big test for me. See, my MIL is probably one of the best Southern cooks around. She makes the best f-n Chicken fried steak on the face of the planet, her bread is to die for, and she makes a Red Velvet cake that would bring tears to your eyes....and yep...I really can't eat any of that. The chicken fried steak I could, but that's about it....OH and her chocolate chip cookies are the BEST. And I'm not going to be like "Hey! don't make that! I can't eat that!" LOLOL I would never deprive my kiddos and my hubby from his Momma's awesome cooking....I will most definitely be nibbling on a cookie...I will not denie myself that...so yep, I'm not really expecting big number changes on the scale for next week, but you never know...it could totally happen! I will be able to go walk more since they'll be here to stay with the kiddos. So that will be pretty nifty.

I really miss my Momma. I love having her around, and pretty soon, I bet she'll be even further away, but that's cool...here's to your happiness Momma!! Love you :D

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