Welcome to my weight loss journey! I was sleeved on 6/6/11
Went in for tummy tuck and breast reduction 12/11/12

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I loooove when my family comes to visit me!!! Particularly my Momma....but the only problem is that I lose all motivation to workout and eat right....oops. No weight loss to report. :( But I am maintaining! super sweet.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

no news is good news...

I guess.

I've been doing really great with my eating, even splurged a bit on my Momma's homemade fresh peach cobbler...lol...but my weight is holding steady at 261. Usually if I even look at something like that you can tack on 3 lbs for the next week! HAHAHA!!! So that's great.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I know what I need to do....

Now I just need to do it. Losing 60 lbs last year sure as hell didn't happen by me sitting on my booty, playing on the computer...LOL So day two is down. All done. woke up this morning and I got my big fat 261 lb. ass on the elliptical! HA! 2 lbs down....werd.

Monday, August 9, 2010

So I hopped my big 263 lb booty on the elliptical today...oy....so sad. Last year at this time I weighed about 230 lbs.... I'm very disappointed with myself. I can't believe I worked so dang hard last year, lost 60 lbs and have managed to put 40 of it back on! ugh. Oh well....here's to another new beginning!

... I have to look at a small bright side...I didn't put ALL 60 lbs back on, so I had to be doing something kinda right. Right!?! ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

soooooooooo....not the best picture quality I've ever had, BUT this looked really great in person! I did her hair & makeup for her friends wedding! :) I haven't done hair or makeup in about 5 years, so I was super excited about doing it! And I think it came out pretty darn good! She's a very beautiful lady, so she didn't really need much help.

Friday, July 30, 2010

a few changes....

Well...it's been a while...an old friend popped up on facebook and said she looooves my blog...lol...and I realized I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER! So here I am. Lots o things are happening right now! Lots of fun and exciting changes in our lives!!!

My first BIG EXCITING AWESOME news......As of September 8th, 2010, I will be a student at Milan Institute of Cosmetology!!! I am so effin excited I can hardly stand it!!! I'm finally doing it!! Gonna make that dream come true! That's FO SHO! ;)

Secondly...my sweet sweet babies are starting full time preschool....I have mixed emotions about this... They will be going from 7:30-5:30 M-F. I will be in school W,TH & Friday from 8-6:30... So we will still have Mondays and Tuesdays to hang out! Thank goodness! ;)

and lastly....it's time for me to start being healthy again...and stop being so damn lazy... I've fallen back into so many of my old habits. I might as well pick up a pack of smokes and start that up too! HA! But I won't...cause I refuse.... A whole lot of my friends are starting on their own weight loss journeys, so I think I may follow them! It's great when you have some inspiration, even if they're not near....they are still helpful!

So good luck ladies!!! You can do it! ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is like another birthday to me! :) It's one of my favorite days of the year! And this year it was even better, thanks to the preschool! They had a "Mother's Day Tea" celebration! I took pics....I love my babies....and the hubster! He got me a printer, paintshop photo software, and my laptop and some other goodies are on their way in the mail! YAY! May is my favorite month! So....Happy Mother's Day to all my Mommy friends, Happy Mother's day to my Momma and my Momma in law, Happy Birthday to my babies (17th) and Happy 6th Anniversary to me and Chance(22nd)! I LOVE MAY! :)
Jaxon and his Miss Cindy!
Madi and her Miss Tallie!
The cutest little picture holders EVER!
My loot! Two picture holders, a place mat made
by my baby boy, and a corsage made by my baby girl!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do you ever sit around and worry about things that you really shouldn't worry about anymore? Well I do...I wonder if people are really my friends or if their just being "spies" so to speak for some old friends. Should you cut ties with people because of who they're friends with? Or should you just hope and pray for the best? Last time I did that I got burned...lol. BAD. My Daddy always said guilt by association or you are the company you keep....is that true? hmmmm.... Anywho---I ran into an old "friend" this last weekend...she looked like she was going to have a slight panic attack...and that made me sad. I didn't even say anything to her...I just caught her out of the corner of my eye, practically running from the restaurant we were at. I didn't do anything to her. I actually barely knew her. But she looked at me like I was going to jump on top of her table and kick her in the face. I'm not a violent person...unless provoked...lol...so I don't know what would give her that idea??? I would love to know some of the stories floating around about me now....maybe that would explain it. Anywho---just my random thought for the day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pool Days...

Step one: acid wash

Step 2: check out the awesome sky...lol
Step 3: wash again, then pressure wash....

Step 4: Leave your wife to the painting...

O.M.G. Never have I hurt as badly as I do today. Have you ever painted a 15 x 31 foot pool with rubber cement?? Cause I did yesterday and it SUCKED! I will never ever ever EVER do that again. Not for all the money in the world. But it's done, and it looks great!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Texas in February...

I love Texas...and miss it more than anything. But one thing I don't miss is the extreme weather changes. The panhandle has been getting horrible snow for a while before we got there, so I was ecstatic that the weather let up for a while. The kiddos got to play in the snow for the very first time! And by the end of the week they were driving Madi's new Princess car around the backyard! LOL! So here are a few pics...and you know I'll have to give captions...lol...so hang in there...lol

Madi all geared up and ready for the snow!

Her very first snowball!!

Jaxon trying really hard to get his Daddy with a snowball! (checkout that
background....wide open spaces...how I miss you!)

Running for the ditch! Literally...they knew
the snow was deeper out there...lol

This was the cutest thing EVER. Jaxon ran out
front and fell flat on his back, giggled and started saying
excitedly "I MAKE SNOW ANGEL!!!"
"I MAKE SNOW ANGEL!" wow....what a great day! :)

Madi's new car! She told everyone in
Canyon that Go-Go bought her a new car...LMAO!

She wasn't so good a driving it...so she let brother take
a shot..hehehe...he
chauffeured her around for a bit.

This is my very best friend Ben. He's stuck
with me through thick and thin.... love you.

And this is my other very best friend Nathan! Madi is mildly obsessed with him....like won't leave him alone, stalks him when he's around....HAHAHAH!!! She looooooves her Uncle Nathan...lol
I don't have a picture of Jenny and Justin....but we did get to meet them for Pizza at Pizza Planet....yummmmo! She is prego and expecting her baby in September!!! I'M SO DANG EXCITED!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!

And of course....last but not least...the love
of my life...being a jackass as always.... ;)

I wouldn't know what to do otherwise...lol


HA! We sent our dogs here...and they came back like this....

I couldn't believe the progress the dogs made in just one week. Now, a week later, they are home and are even better! I truly do believe that Harlan has a God given talent and I'm so glad that he blesses us with it. His methods may be a little different, but they aren't cruel. Which is a double bonus in my book. I'm following through with everything he has taught me and I'm going to keep it up. You wouldn't believe how nice it is just to take my dogs on a walk!! So thanks Harlan...I truly do appreciate it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Puppy Love.....

These are my other babies....Kiki and Trixie. boxer and mastiff...best buddies...lol..when they're not fighting each other, they really do looove each other!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


...that made me feel better! Sometimes, just saying or typing things out make ya feel better, ya know!?!
This last week was insanely uneventful. Which for once, is super awesome! Madi and Jaxon are doing great and actually got to go to school everyday this week! No more sickness lurking in our house! Thank God! It's Superbowl Sunday! woohoo. ugh...not a football fan...not at all.
Hope everyone has an AWESOME week! We will be heading to Canyon on Friday!!! Home Sweet Home!

and now for pics....

first up....Mitchell...HAHA! pants on the ground...HA!

a new favorite in our house...Daddy reading books! We use to read to them constantly, but they grew tired of that nonsense...and now...IT'S BACK! AWESOME!!

Madi colored that ALL BY HERSELF!!!

My Trixie bear....awwwwwwwww....

Chance was testing his camera on his new blackberry that work gave him....works pretty well!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the stories just won't stop.....

Who would have thought that one girl's night out would have led to so much damn drama and hurt?? I know people blog stalk me....waiting for me to slip up...and I've thought about posting this 300 times before....but I think I might actually do it now. I've already lost enough supposed "friends" that I really don't think it matters anymore. I won't name names, but if you've heard the "wonderful" rendition of the story as many times as I have, I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about.

I am doing this in a way of self defense....mainly because I don't know what else to do...I know that this story has been told hundreds of times, but never from my fingers to your eyes! I even have a picture....GASP! The "horrible" picture....lol....wow.

I've really decided that some people just have nothing else better to do, then drag peoples names through the mud...and that's fine...because Karma is a bitch, and it will catch up with them.

So let's go back a few months ago...November 6th to be exact. I decided that it was time for another MNO. Carla had finished LFR and I wanted to give her some chill time with her friends....unfortunately Carla couldn't make it. But seven of us did. And we were all having a great time. She who shan't be named....ummmmmm...we'll call her Lilly....showed up late as usual. Everyone gave her crap for it, laughed and talked about her crazy cab ride over to the restaurant. Keep that cab ride in mind please. So anyways...We were all having a great time, the liquor was flowing, I had a DD, so I can do that! Lots of great stories and laughs and convos all around the table. Lilly threatens to take a "capsi" home...HA! Funny! A capsi....we all proceeded to use that word all night long....capsi...ha. Soooo... The original plan was to head back to my casa and have a game night. But Christina and I decided we wanted to go out and shake what the good Lord gave us.<-- mistake number 1 So we told them our plans, everyone was cool with it, and Lilly decided she wanted to tag along. Alrighty! COOL! Sounds fun! Now time for the bill....

The check was brought out and low and behold....they didn't split it for us...oy. So I strike a deal with everyone...I'll put it on my card and you can all just pay me back! Everyone sounds ok with it, so that's what happened....oy...mistake number 2.

So the check is taken care of, we hop in the burb and head on downtown. We stop at the ATM, get the cash, and go to Alley Cats. HA! Scariest place I've ever walked into...LOL...ever. We scurry out very quickly and head on back to the road. We pass a place called Syndicate Lounge. The music was bumpin, so we mosied on in! Great drinks, not too many people, perfection. I order the first round. 3 shots o' tequila please! Christina refuses, so Lilly and I both took 1 shot. Lilly then proceeded to take the next one too! NICE! I have a drinker friend! I love to go out and have drinks and dance! But the place has to be packed! After the tequila comes my norm...cherry vodka sours. love those things. My glass ran empty and Lilly bought me one and then another! SWEEET! Thanks!

and then it happened....

the one action that apparently would change all our lives FOREVER....


The cherry....oh holy crap....one f-n cherry....Christina grabs it out of my cup and says..."Hey! Wouldn't it be funny to take a stupid "sexy" picture and send it to Cory and Chance!?!" I was very hesitant, but I figured..ehhh..what the hell...it'll be funny! <--mistake number 3...lol

PLAN.. Christina bites cherry, I bite stem, take picture, send it to the hubsters. ha ha - funny funny.... I laughed for a good five minutes, just trying to get into the position to bite the stem! HAHAHA! The whole time we were laughing our asses off...Lilly kept giggling and saying...Jesus doesn't like this....this will make baby Jesus cry...lol...but still giggling....CLICK! Picture is taken, deed is done. Forward to hubbies and go on about our night.

Now... Lilly is claiming that Christina yelled at her and told her she had to watch us, or else we wouldn't give her a ride home. Make her walk to be exact....lol...lovely. Exact words...."You better watch out, we're in Billie's burb, and if you keep saying Jesus hates us, then we'll make you take a capsi home!" HAHAHA! That's exactly what followed that statement. A table full of laughter. Now, I've heard from numerous people that she was afraid to take a cab home after this statement was made...that's kinda funny, since she took at cab to the restaurant at the beginning of the night!!! ooooh...busted.....Lilly grabs my hand and drags me out to the dance floor IMMEDIATELY after this. We danced the night away....found out lots of secrets and gossip from Lilly...none of which I will name here. Saw an insanely hot black guy that winked at Lilly...we all giggled about that for a bit. Lilly goes back up to the bar to take care of her tab...I buy a $6 beer and drink it while Christina and Stacey haul ass to the nearest exit...place was getting a little cramped....lol.

Side note. No...Christina and I did not turn our noses up at a black guy...in fact, we were the ones that pointed him out. He was gorgeous...and he knew it. Dressed super classy for the type of establishment we were in. So he caught our eyes. We were in no way, shape or form appalled by a black man. Sorry Lilly....no racist here. But you're more then welcome to tell that to my white cousin and her black husband and their baby....they would get a BIG kick out of it....lol...as they already have....lol.

So we all leave, running for our lives to the car....one man was very disappointed when we told him we were lesbians to get him away from us....and by disappointed, I mean angry...very very angry...lol....

We leave, drive up to Rosedale, grab some Del Taco and then decide to take some more stupid pictures. We tell Lilly we are going to drive up to DeJaVu to take a picture of us in front of the strip club to send to the hubbsters again....We offer to take her home since she lives so close.....are you kidding!?! She's having a blast!! Let's go! So we go....After we took our picture, we went into the "toy" shop....lol....lots of giggles there...lol....the sales clerk was a hoot! We checked out all the funny shirts and tacky lingerie... I bought a few gag gifts for friends and we leave. Drive Lilly home first, drop her off and as she gets out of the burb, she says..."Thank you so much! I haven't had this much fun since high school...I haven't even been this drunk since high school....lol...Thanks! 7 am is going to come early in the morning"....it was 3:30. Stacey drops Christina off, then takes me home....she was our DD...lol....thanks girly!

All ends well....or so we thought...

The next morning I commented on Lilly's post for the thing she was doing that day, and she even comments back. Little did I know the slandering had already begun....ouch.

After hearing all the "wonderful" things she said about us, I was sick to my stomach. This is why I don't hang out with new people. This is why I only associate with the same group of people. You let one person in, one time, and this is what they do. I deleted her from everything I could. I was hurt. She also told people she wouldn't be paying me back...because she bought ALL my drinks at Syndicate that night....yeah...not so much. But thanks for the two $6 cherry vodka sours....they cancel out the two $6 shots of tequila ya drank. thanks :)

I know if you're reading this right now, you're probably thinking how immature I am....and you're kinda right...but at what point do I quit sitting in the shadows, listening to all these horrible things this girl is saying about me and my family? I can not tell you how many people have told me 300 different versions of this same story...it really sickens me. Did you know that I'm currently cheating on my husband with Christina!?! HAHAHAH! I am not a lesbian...nor am I bi. But thanks for asking...lol. I am not a racist either. I've lost many a friend over that issue...I refuse to be lumped into a category with people like that. My Daddy always called it guilt by association.

And if you're wondering about the money from dinner? Every person paid me back, except one. And I'll give you one guess of who that one person was....yep...Lilly. But no need to fear...I told her I had no qualms about getting my $54 through small claims court...and I didn't have any problems...lol. I went through the proper procedures and she sent me my $54. I don't know about your family, but in mine, that's a lot of money....and that's not really my money, that's my hubby's money...you mess with the bull...you get the horns...HA!

So anywho---I was hesitant about putting this mess up on my blog, but I figured if nothing else, it'll make me feel better. And if you don't like me, please commence to hate. Because haters ain't nothing but jealous. I live my life to the best of my abilities...and I don't really know how some people sleep at night knowing the things that they say and do can effect others around them in such a way.

I'm sleeping at night...are you?

p.s. the remove from friends link on facebook is in the left column of my profile...please click if need be!

.......and here it is folks! please feel free to copy and paste my blog link and send it to your friends! HAHAH! If you can't tell...we're both laughing our asses off...both of the hubby's thought the pic was much more amusing then anything else...LOL....I'm not so good with the sexy sexy...lol...Now I'm sure she'll probably say that we did "more" after this...but we didn't. I let go of the stem, Christina ate the cherry and then threw the stem into my cup...then Lilly grabbed it, threw it in her mouth and made a knot out of it, then threw it back in my cup...lol...I'm not the type of drunk that forgets things...I don't EVER drink that much... ;)

Thanks for reading...happy gossiping.