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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis' the Season to be Crafty!!! fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

It has started!! I couldn't wait to get home from Canyon so I could start my sewing projects again!! So here are a few!! I love Christmas time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank God we're home!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We went back home for Thanksgiving this year!! and it was great! But boy oh boy was I really ready to come home. I use to hate to leave, but now I'm ready to come home before the set time...how sad huh? Not really.....I'm finally happy with my own life, that I don't have to live my old one. That may sound kinda tacky, but the truth is I'm truly happy....I love my little family, and my house, and my amazing friends!! So this Thanksgiving I was so thankful for so many things!! Like never before!

My sweet baby boy............so happy......

My sweet Madison......God she's so pretty....I never dreamed I would have a daughter this gorgeous!!

This is my bestest friend Nathan....I couldn't have asked for a better best friend...lol...

And here is Madi taking to her kitchen duties...LOL....She had so much fun helping her Gam-Gam in the kitchen!! and she looked good doing it!! LOL
So enough with the mushiness....LOL...I had a great trip and my Daddy loooved his blanket! LOL! We set up our Christmas tree last night and put out all the decorations, and it's perfect!! Well not exactly...lol...our tree is a wee bit too tall for our new house, but it's still gorgeous! LOL I'm going to start back to my crafts this week, so stay tuned for those!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They're always so precious when they're sleeping....

Jaxon finally passed out in the recliner today for the first time...it only took him 2 and half years...lol.....He's not a heavy sleeper so you know he was exhausted to have done this...lol...that's what happens when you have playdates at your house...lol

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Merry Christmas Daddy!

This is probably the tackiest blanket ever! HAHA! But I know my Daddy is gonna looooove it! I even outlined the fish and lure for him.....oh he's gonna loooooove it!

I also made this scrabble board for my In-Laws....let's hope they don't read my blog....but I'm sick of sitting on these pictures! You can't really see the words........I should take a different pic....but anywho---it has all their names and the grandkids and then at the bottom I spelled out live, love, and laugh. They look all jumbled.....On the piece holder thingy, I put McMahan Family! It turned out perfect!

I'm in the process of making my mom a kick ass paisley purse, and I have a few more things up my sleeve for Christmas! We celebrate Christmas around Thanksgiving with our families when we're back home.....so these will be delivered then! In other news I got my new Singer Futura CE-350!!! It kicks some serious ass....this is the first try at embroidery...it's definately going to be a learning experience....but oh soooo worth it!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!! I'll be back in a few weeks!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween 2008 was AWESOME! The kiddos really loved Trick or Treating...and they made a haul in the candy department! And Chance and I were invited to a very fun Halloween Party! He even dressed up with me! We went as Caught on Lover's Lane.....except I turned into a vampire and bit his neck out....HA! can you tell which part he thought of???? nice...I was just excited because I got to wear fake eyelashes! YAY! I've never worn those before and they were fun! So here a few pics.....had to share!
Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!!! Can't wait til next year!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I made a hat!

It's a kitty hat...and Madi loooves it. She loves anything girly and loves Tink! So just wanted to share today's creation!

Monday, October 27, 2008


So I am not the type of person that ever gets a big head or thinks that the things I do are amazing.... The only amazing thing I've ever done is given birth to happy and healthy twins. I don't really like people doteing on me, but it is nice to know that I have inspired people. It's a very humbling experience to be sitting at a park and a dear friend say how amazed they are by my creations. And to know that they take times out of their busy lives to look at my boring ol' blog. It makes me so happy to know that I am in some way shape or form impacting their lives. I know it's just sewing and I know it's not a big deal to many people, but it is to me. I put alot of myself into my projects. Even if they are just following someone else's pattern and to know that people notice my execution of the project makes me happy. So for once in my life I can say I'm really proud of something I've started doing. I've been watching quilters and crafters and sewers my whole life. But I never really embraced it. I'm so glad that I went to a bow making party and met Christina. The spark she had for sewing got me excited about something I had been trying to run from my entire life! Sure my friends back home make fun of me and my "old lady" activities...but I'm happy! And I'm truly enjoying my life. I'm friends with an amazing support group and they know what it's like to have an absolutely horrible day and come to the park with a smile on their face. Many are afflicted with their own troubles, which are way worse than my screaming ass kid.... but they always ask how I am that day and want to hear about my life! LOL! and I do the same to them! I love it. So I guess you could say that today I was humbled....or I had a humbling experience.....or a really happy experience....either way, it made my day! Thanks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rag Quilts are for insane people!

So count me in....this was the most tedious project I've done yet....and it about killed me....not really...it's my own fault. I took one day to cut it all and to put it all together....then the next two days to cut the back up. It's awesome so here's the breakdown.

So here's all the material I cut up!!! 6 hours of cutting to be exact...............woah.

Here are my little sandwiches that you have to assemble. A top a middle and a bottom! There is green flannel in the middle....

Next I had to figure out my pattern for my four block.....it sounds easy enough....but you're doing what they called backwards sewing...and that's way more difficult than you think......LOL

That's my little demon helper there in the picture...boy did she have fun...and she was pretty cute doing it.....lol

Then you sew all of those squares together with the solid squares and you get this!

Last but not least you sew all of those strips together and get the almost finished product......

After cutting the back of your quilt to shreds and washing and drying it....you come out with this beautiful rag quilt...pure craziness....and probably the best project yet!!
In other news.....I finished Madi's Scrubs...they are perfect! and I finished my desk!! It's almost perfect too!! I'll leave you with a pic of my little princess in her new scrubs!!! I can't wait for Halloween!!!
I love them....................

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The TuTu

So we braved it...and she didn't puke all over it. Please forgive my homely child...lol...but here's the tutu!

I'm a copy-cat!

LOL...but really I am....My dear friend Christina and I always chat back and forth on the computer, and today she stumbled upon a Tutu Dress....it's absolutely amazing and I hope to one day make Madison one. Here's an example of that dress:

So now that you've caught your breath!! Here's my copycat story...she decided today was the day for her to use her Organza, and make a cute tutu for her little princess!! And it's adorable! Perfect fall colors! and it's shiny! Which I think it awesome! So here's a pic of her little princess modeling!!! You can go check out her blog here: www.tryingsewhard.blogspot.comSo I decided I might as well make one too. I was going to have Madison be a polka dot witch for Halloween so I bought all this really cute black and orange tulle! Well that plan fell through, so now I have almost 10 yards of black and orange tulle....plus I got a piece of sheer black cat fabric from the remnant bin at Joann's. It's awesome...So I needed to do something with that too! So here it is....it's been a hell of a day, but I made time for this. My model is MIA today. She's come down with a stomach bug today and is puking everywhere...niiice right? I'm sure you wanted to know that. Needless to say the only pics I have are done on my dining room table...this thing is ginormous! and I loooove it! So....here it is!It's huge! And I don't think the pictures do it any justice at all...the colors are awesome.... and possibly a little tacky....but I've seen them selling for over $50....sooooo...maybe one day I'll make and sell stuff, but for now, I'm just going to keep making Little Miss Madi stuff! Until next time!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm 26 now! ... and a whole bunch of other crap...

HA! I had probably one of the best birthdays ever......or at least since I moved away from Canyon. I have some of the coolest friends ever and an amazing hubby.... I woke up to a ginormous box sitting on the counter....it was all wrapped up pretty and I felt like a little kid again. We're not so good with keeping things from each other, and he hid it for about a week! Chance got me an awesome 22" widescreen computer monitor!! Totally awesome....so he left for work, and I hear my doorbell ring....and the cutest blonde ever(Barbara) was delivering me a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!! Then.....we went to dinner that night with Karen and Ryan...lots of FUN! We dropped the kiddos off at Cory and Christina's house and she had made me the coolest sewing machine cover ever and an awesome pin cushion AND.....an awesome case for my scissors! My Dad forgot to call again....no worries...he's excused and my entire family called all throughout the day! and all my friends! PERFECT DAY!!!

So in other news I have been sewing! and garage saling! and walking at the park...(well the walking just started this morning, but I'm doing it so I can claim it).....here are lots of pics!

My new Kick Ass desk!....well it's gonna be kick ass as soon as we're done with it!

Yet another awesome garage sale find! The seats even open up and hold toys! The kids looove them! They cost me a whopping $10...total.....sweeeeet!

Madi's scrub pants for her halloween costume! Scrub Top coming soon!

Jaxon's new pajama pants!!! Cutest fabric ever!

Our Boxer KiKi smothering my daughter....lol (just a cute pic.)

My friend Barbara decided she wants to dabble in the world of sewing, so I threw her in full force! She has never touched a machine before...other than home ec....a long time ago....and she did great!!!! This is her new baby blanket quilt top! She sewed it all by herself!

Sew until next time...................................

Thursday, September 18, 2008

another day..........

I had a hell of a day today....twins have their amazing moments, and then they have their horrible moments.....and I think a moment can sometimes turn into an entire day! HA!!!! It was a rough one, and of course it's the day that Chance is out of town, he won't return until tomorrow! .........wow.
So I turn another year younger tomorrow! The big 2-6. It's crazy, I don't feel like I'm 26, I don't feel old...lol....alot of my friends have hit the "I'm Old" point....not me.....I feel old when it comes to the arts and crafts aspects....or after a rough day...I feel like I'm 90. HA!
Anywho---onto my projects and then a wonderful story about Hancock's. I went to Christina's yesterday and she helped me pin my sleeves onto the scrub top for Jaxon. That thing gave me fits. I have never felt so stupid in my whole entire life! I can't read a pattern to save my life! So I finished Jaxon's costume up. He's going to be a Veterinarian.

Then yesterday I started on this awesome tote bag, and I finished it today! Christina was nice enough to show me how to make these things....FANTASTIC! It's reversible!!!

So the kiddos were obviously driving me clinically insane today, so I decided to take a drive this evening. I some how or another found myself on the other side of town at Hancock's Fabrics. I love that place. There was not a sole in the parking lot, so I figured if the kiddos did act up I could half way get away with it. Well wouldn't ya know it, Madi screamed all the way to the door, and even when we entered. I'm sick of bowing down to my 2 year old daughter, so I pushed through the store and within seconds she was done screaming. We mosied on over to the remnant bin and picked up some cute Christmas and Halloween fabrics, and a really cute remnant of monkey fabric. Jaxon apparently slipped a really cute easter remnant in there when I wasn't looking....HA! Then I bought some really soft thin fleece to start on their pajamas I'm going to make. I went to the counter to pay, and the really cool lady that works there came over to talk to me. Told me she was seeing way too much of me in her store....lol....and started to talk to the kiddos. I guess the "grandma" aspect intrigued Madi so she was all over this lady, but still a wee bit leary at the same time. So I pay, we put the cart up and the lady was joking around and held out her hand to take Madison. And Madi latched onto this woman! Like to the point that the lady walked me out to my car!!! I put Madi in her carseat with huge tears running down her face...you would have thought I was kidnapping her. The lady even asked if she was mine???? Then she laughed hysterically because she knew they were mine!!! She apologized uncontrollably, and I went on my merry way. How odd??? huh??? So apparently Madi has taken the side of "I hate my Mommy", and "I'm going to embarass her at all costs." I'm not even going to go into what happened at the donut shop yesterday. HOLY GEEZ>>> So that was my evening. I came home made grilled cheese sandwiches, and watched Sesame Street with the kiddos. Madi came up and gave me a big ol kiss, hug, and sat in my lap for a good hour. I love that......I just wish she loved me in public! LOL