Welcome to my weight loss journey! I was sleeved on 6/6/11
Went in for tummy tuck and breast reduction 12/11/12

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

and then she was gone....lol

Well my momma left yesterday.
How sad....but she didn't leave empty handed! Check this out!
I took Mom over to F&M Fabric. I love that place....and she had a blast. We dug through all kinds of material. She loved this fabric. The pictures really do this no justice. It's such a beautiful pattern. She loved it, so I'm totally happy with it.
It was so nice having my Mom around. I don't ever really miss home until family comes to visit and then they leave...lol. I really do wish we lived closer, so I could spend more time with her, but hey....this is where we are. Would someone please go and buy her house! LOL It's been on the market for a while and it's a complete fixer upper, but dang....couldn't some rich and creative soul buy it! Geez. I showed my Mom around Bakersfield and she liked it pretty well. She really loved my house. I do too...lol. She got to meet our new puppy Trixie. This is the funniest pic ever. My Mom weighs a whopping 105 lbs...soaking wet...lol....and Trixie is only 3 months old! This pic shows one of two things.....either my mom is super tiny or my puppy is f-n ginormous! Check it out.

Love that pic.....Mom bought the kiddos these really cute trays, and gave them breakfast every morning on them...lol

So needless to say, the kiddos were spoiled rotten and I was too. Mom watched the kiddos so we could go out to eat with some friends and we got many breaks. And of course I started to get sick on Monday....at least it was the end of her trip. I drove her down to LA yesterday, so she could catch her flight. Funny story......I dropped Mom off at the airport and Madi and Jaxon asked where Gam-Gam was going. I told them it was time for her to go home. They said home, cried for a few then went on about their business.....so after and hour and ahalf drive, we roll up into our driveway and they start shouting....GAM GAM GAM GAM. I didn't really think they would connect our home with her.....boy they're quick. So I had to tell them she flew home.....not our home, but her home back in Texas.....cue the screaming crying and fit throwing....YIKES. They were bummed.....but no worries, we'll head out to Texas in April and see her again. I think I will go and kidnap her and make her move to Bako. That would be nice....lol. So, I'm sick as a dog, exhausted from having company, and mildly depressed. All in all...it was a nice trip! Miss you already momma. And one last thing....I've lost a total of 19 pounds!!!! Weighed in today! YAY!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Payoff!

So I only have a picture today! Remember those Dallas Cowboys Knot Blankets I made a while back? Well the boys love them! and I even got a picture to prove it. Thanks guys!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The beginnings of a quilt, and some weight loss....

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well, Stacey brought me her squares all cut out of her mom's old clothes, and I made the layout. I haven't sewed anything yet, but I'm very pleased with how it's going to come together! I'm not going to rush this one, like I rush all my other projects. This is very important to her, so I figure I'll take my precious time! She doesn't mind! Here are a few pics of the progress so far.....

I went and weighed in yesterday at the clinic and I lost 10lbs last week!!!! HOLY COW!!! So my total is 14 pounds lost! WOOOHOOOO!!! I'm so excited and I feel the motivation to keep going!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crafty Craft Time!

I made some more stuff, so here it is!!!

A knot blanket for my father in law....but I might keep it, it goes with my decor really really well. LOL

This is Madi's crayon roll! Thanks for all the fabric Christina! LOL! Hers just looked way better than any of mine did last night...lol

And then there is Jaxon's Crayon roll, which turned out to be a tee total disaster, but it looks cute rolled up! LOL

So after I finished Joe's knot blanket yesterday I whipped these little cuties up...lol...They are little bows made out of the corners from the knot blanket....I'm thinking they would look pretty precious on some crocheted headbands!!!

In other news, it's only Wednesday and it has been quite a stressful week.....Oxy went through and did lay offs yesterday, I don't think I've ever been as sick to my stomach as I was yesterday. I didn't feel better til Chance came home at lunch and said they were done. I was so relieved, but deeply saddened, because others were laid off....Hang in there guys. I would love everyone to keep them in your prayers, this economy is really doing a number on everyone.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So as I wrote on Friday neither of us had lost any weight, and to be totally honest, I was just being lazy last week.....anywho- I started my pills Friday morning and I weighed myself before I took it. I weighed 276.3!! YIKES! I had put back on all 4 pounds I lost the week before....So I did really great with my eating and I'm impatient and can't wait til Friday to weigh, so I weighed this morning, and guess what I weigh.....it's crazy!!!!!!!! I WEIGH 269.8!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I lost 7 lbs. in one weekend!!!! From Friday morning to Monday morning!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! So needless to say I'm excited and I can't wait to see what this month's number is!!! YAY!!! Momma countdown, 10 days! Can't wait to see you Momma!!!

Now I leave you with a picture from this weekend. Chance decided he was going to play guitar hero yesterday morning, so naturally Madi went and grabbed her guitar and we gave Jaxon the old and busted guitar, and they ROCKED OUT!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weight loss fail....

I have no new news to report on me....I gained a few....but no need to fear! I'm back on my game!!! I went to a weight loss clinic through the cosmetic surgeon I'm going to use for my reduction. I started on B-12 shots and some wonderful pills....right. Anywho---I'll hopefully be reporting a way bigger LOSS next time!!! Hang in there ladies and gents!! We'll be back soon!! As for this weekend I will be working out and sewing!! It's time to countdown for my MOMMY to come to town!!! YAYA!! She'll be here on the 19th!!! YAY!!! So 13 days!!! WOOOHOOO!! See you soon MOMMA!!!