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Friday, February 26, 2010

Texas in February...

I love Texas...and miss it more than anything. But one thing I don't miss is the extreme weather changes. The panhandle has been getting horrible snow for a while before we got there, so I was ecstatic that the weather let up for a while. The kiddos got to play in the snow for the very first time! And by the end of the week they were driving Madi's new Princess car around the backyard! LOL! So here are a few pics...and you know I'll have to give captions...lol...so hang in there...lol

Madi all geared up and ready for the snow!

Her very first snowball!!

Jaxon trying really hard to get his Daddy with a snowball! (checkout that
background....wide open spaces...how I miss you!)

Running for the ditch! Literally...they knew
the snow was deeper out there...lol

This was the cutest thing EVER. Jaxon ran out
front and fell flat on his back, giggled and started saying
excitedly "I MAKE SNOW ANGEL!!!"
"I MAKE SNOW ANGEL!" wow....what a great day! :)

Madi's new car! She told everyone in
Canyon that Go-Go bought her a new car...LMAO!

She wasn't so good a driving it...so she let brother take
a shot..hehehe...he
chauffeured her around for a bit.

This is my very best friend Ben. He's stuck
with me through thick and thin.... love you.

And this is my other very best friend Nathan! Madi is mildly obsessed with him....like won't leave him alone, stalks him when he's around....HAHAHAH!!! She looooooves her Uncle Nathan...lol
I don't have a picture of Jenny and Justin....but we did get to meet them for Pizza at Pizza Planet....yummmmo! She is prego and expecting her baby in September!!! I'M SO DANG EXCITED!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!

And of course....last but not least...the love
of my life...being a jackass as always.... ;)

I wouldn't know what to do otherwise...lol


HA! We sent our dogs here...and they came back like this....

I couldn't believe the progress the dogs made in just one week. Now, a week later, they are home and are even better! I truly do believe that Harlan has a God given talent and I'm so glad that he blesses us with it. His methods may be a little different, but they aren't cruel. Which is a double bonus in my book. I'm following through with everything he has taught me and I'm going to keep it up. You wouldn't believe how nice it is just to take my dogs on a walk!! So thanks Harlan...I truly do appreciate it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Puppy Love.....

These are my other babies....Kiki and Trixie. boxer and mastiff...best buddies...lol..when they're not fighting each other, they really do looove each other!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


...that made me feel better! Sometimes, just saying or typing things out make ya feel better, ya know!?!
This last week was insanely uneventful. Which for once, is super awesome! Madi and Jaxon are doing great and actually got to go to school everyday this week! No more sickness lurking in our house! Thank God! It's Superbowl Sunday! woohoo. ugh...not a football fan...not at all.
Hope everyone has an AWESOME week! We will be heading to Canyon on Friday!!! Home Sweet Home!

and now for pics....

first up....Mitchell...HAHA! pants on the ground...HA!

a new favorite in our house...Daddy reading books! We use to read to them constantly, but they grew tired of that nonsense...and now...IT'S BACK! AWESOME!!

Madi colored that ALL BY HERSELF!!!

My Trixie bear....awwwwwwwww....

Chance was testing his camera on his new blackberry that work gave him....works pretty well!