Welcome to my weight loss journey! I was sleeved on 6/6/11
Went in for tummy tuck and breast reduction 12/11/12

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6 weeks

Today is six weeks out! I'm standing up straight and working again! I can lay flat and even work out! All in all, I'm doing great! 8 weeks I'll post another pic :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A picture....

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...and I agree....I'm so happy!  I still have a TON of swelling, so this is no way the finished product, but holy crap....I have a belly button!!!  A BELLY BUTTON!!!  So here ya go :)  I'm 4 weeks post op today and I still hurt, but I can stand straighter and sleep in my bed.  It's the small things really.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year....a not so new me ;)

So, today is 3 weeks post op!  I invited a friend over for lunch and our kiddos played around for a few hours.  It was a good day.  I ate terribly too much and now I feel like doodoo....but it was totally worth it.  I'm feeling really good today.  I finally got the spanx on.  At my 2 week appointment they told me I could start wearing spanx instead of my belly wrap.  But quite honestly, my belly wrap is much more comfy then my spanx.  Plus, it's the pits to pull those suckers up and down when you go potty...lol...plus, all the swollenness doesn't help.  I woke up today, took a shower and slapped on my spanx....I guess my swelling is going down, because it wasn't a huuuuge fight to get these suckers on.  And then I went in the kitchen and started on lunch.  I put almost all of it together, before I had to throw in the towel and sit down.  Chance finished the rest....like I've said, I'm very blessed.  He even made an apple pie.  

Sooooooo...Happy New Year!!!

It's going to be a good one!  We celebrated at 9pm since the ball dropped in NY at 9pm our time.  The kiddos enjoyed that, then passed out in the living room floor.  Jaxon slept there all night, Madi went to her bed...smart girl.  

I'm very excited for this year.  It's going to be a good one!  I can feel it.  This last year was great until September....September was very rough.  Lost one of the best men in the world....my Uncle Jess.  I loved him very very much and I'll miss him more than anything.  I don't have very much family on my Daddy's side and he was one of the few left.  He was so loving and caring and an amazing Daddy.  My heart hurts for my cousins....but they're strong and I know that he is looking down on them and loving what he sees.  The other loss was my friend Lee....He was 28 years young.  Too damn soon if ya ask me...but unfortunately God didn't ask my opinion on that one.   I admire his wife, she's so strong...they have 2 young kiddos and she's lucky to have an amazing family giving her all sorts of support.   Lee's family is amazing and her family seems pretty amazing too.  I guess it's like they say, if he leads you to it, he'll pull you through it.   I'm trying to give myself over to Christ, but damn that's hard...especially for me...no one has that much pull in my life....so to give it over to a "nonexistent" person is kinda odd for me.   I'm trying.  I wanna make sure I make it to those pearly gates to hang out with the ones I've lost...

   I didn't making any resolutions this year....I never stick to them.  I'm just gonna keep on doing what I'm doing and just be me.   A much smaller me this year, but still me.

Happy New Years folks!!  Hope this year is everything you want it to be!