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Went in for tummy tuck and breast reduction 12/11/12

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some info....

So I realized I never really gave you guys all the info on my surgery...this is it. Directly from my Doctor's website. You can click on that link and he has all kinds of info about all the different kinds of surgeries...even videos :)

So there you have it. Now you know :) NONE of my intestines were removed. It was ONLY my stomach. :) And now you know why I'm having issues with vitamins and whatnot. My tummy is teeny tiny....lol...so it's just a period of adjustment. I think I might be hitting up some friends with a costco card to get some of those liquid vitamins ;)
Today was good, but rough. I went on a walk this morning...I'm all jittery and shaky and nauseous from the vitamins and calcium pills. Slowly but surely I'll figure this all out. I know just know it!!! :D I did try muscle milk today and it's not that bad. That one container equals out to 2 meals for me! Damn...I'm a cheap date.
I did receive a letter from my Dr yesterday saying that I have a vitamin D deficiency...He wants me to take an absurd amount of D3 and instead of 1500mg of calcium to up it to 3000mg of calcium....ummm, yeah sure dude....I'll squeeze that in between my vitamins and 64oz of water intake ;) HAHA! I crack myself up....but really, I'll figure this all out.
Thanks for reading :) I'll update tomorrow after we go to the doctor. Glendale, here we come! :D


babyahlgrim said...

So proud of all your hard work on yourself!! Talking about the dr. Pepper was killing me, I can only imagine. It seems like the more we are told no the more we want something. Hang in there you are doing a great job!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Just thought i'd let you know I'm following your adventure <3

MissBillie said...

Thanks guys :D