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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I am most definitely having a blah kinda day. Not sure why...I think I did too much yesterday. A mile walk plus a trip to Sam's, plus cleaning for the in laws....I think it has come back to bite me in the ass today. I'm exhausted, and super duper sore. I have NO ambition to eat, or really even move. But I forced myself to get up and go walking this morning. Just a 1/2 mile this morning. Jaxon joined me...it was nice. I'm really worried about going back to school. 10 hour days is going to be hard. But I know I can do it....just another period of adjustment. I just really hope I haven't totally f'd myself. Don't really wanna start from scratch a year from now. That would suck. I have my psych appt at 2:45 today, probably a good day for it. My weight loss is right on track and moving very quickly, I guess these fears are just something that goes along with the territory.

On a lighter note, the in laws made it here safe and sound and the kiddos and I were super happy to see them. They all just vacated the house to go to the grocery store. It's nice to sit in silence for a bit. They brought some stuff from my Momma's storage unit, kinda odd to see so many of the things from my childhood....especially since my childhood involved a married Mom and Dad and now, well, not so much...lol.... My Mom didn't send a few of the boxes I really wanted, but she's going to mail them to me, lots of things to go through. Can't wait! :)

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm sure I will, hot as hell here today. 107° I believe is the high...OUCH! Thank God for the pool.

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