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Thursday, September 18, 2008

another day..........

I had a hell of a day today....twins have their amazing moments, and then they have their horrible moments.....and I think a moment can sometimes turn into an entire day! HA!!!! It was a rough one, and of course it's the day that Chance is out of town, he won't return until tomorrow! .........wow.
So I turn another year younger tomorrow! The big 2-6. It's crazy, I don't feel like I'm 26, I don't feel old...lol....alot of my friends have hit the "I'm Old" point....not me.....I feel old when it comes to the arts and crafts aspects....or after a rough day...I feel like I'm 90. HA!
Anywho---onto my projects and then a wonderful story about Hancock's. I went to Christina's yesterday and she helped me pin my sleeves onto the scrub top for Jaxon. That thing gave me fits. I have never felt so stupid in my whole entire life! I can't read a pattern to save my life! So I finished Jaxon's costume up. He's going to be a Veterinarian.

Then yesterday I started on this awesome tote bag, and I finished it today! Christina was nice enough to show me how to make these things....FANTASTIC! It's reversible!!!

So the kiddos were obviously driving me clinically insane today, so I decided to take a drive this evening. I some how or another found myself on the other side of town at Hancock's Fabrics. I love that place. There was not a sole in the parking lot, so I figured if the kiddos did act up I could half way get away with it. Well wouldn't ya know it, Madi screamed all the way to the door, and even when we entered. I'm sick of bowing down to my 2 year old daughter, so I pushed through the store and within seconds she was done screaming. We mosied on over to the remnant bin and picked up some cute Christmas and Halloween fabrics, and a really cute remnant of monkey fabric. Jaxon apparently slipped a really cute easter remnant in there when I wasn't looking....HA! Then I bought some really soft thin fleece to start on their pajamas I'm going to make. I went to the counter to pay, and the really cool lady that works there came over to talk to me. Told me she was seeing way too much of me in her store....lol....and started to talk to the kiddos. I guess the "grandma" aspect intrigued Madi so she was all over this lady, but still a wee bit leary at the same time. So I pay, we put the cart up and the lady was joking around and held out her hand to take Madison. And Madi latched onto this woman! Like to the point that the lady walked me out to my car!!! I put Madi in her carseat with huge tears running down her face...you would have thought I was kidnapping her. The lady even asked if she was mine???? Then she laughed hysterically because she knew they were mine!!! She apologized uncontrollably, and I went on my merry way. How odd??? huh??? So apparently Madi has taken the side of "I hate my Mommy", and "I'm going to embarass her at all costs." I'm not even going to go into what happened at the donut shop yesterday. HOLY GEEZ>>> So that was my evening. I came home made grilled cheese sandwiches, and watched Sesame Street with the kiddos. Madi came up and gave me a big ol kiss, hug, and sat in my lap for a good hour. I love that......I just wish she loved me in public! LOL

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garage Salin' Saturdays!!

Oh what fun I had this morning!!! Alarm went off at 6:30 and I was out by 6:40! Ran by the ATM, then off to Christina's! We were off and running by 7:04. We pondered upon two multi-family garage sales, and a few other just really great ones! Here are some of my goodies!

First off we have the awesome ceiling fan! It's a Hunter ceiling fan and they retail for close to $100 bucks....I paid $15!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Next I found a storage bin...yes it's missing a drawer, but it's still awesome....for $2 !!!!!!Then I found this awesome race car rug!! Jaxon loves it....you will see that Jaxon really was the one who made a haul today!! LOL! $2!

Next I have this cute little book....Madi seems to have staked claim on this one! 50 cents!

Next I found some awesome fabric.....I gave the other pieces to Christina, it was fleece stuff...it's going to be perfect for her gloves! This is the one I kept...it's a little over a yard! $1 !!

Last but definitely not least! I found this awesome lamp! I made the guy promise me that it worked...and it does!!! I got this for $3!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I'm tellin ya....Jaxon hit the jackpot today! The last thing I wanted to share was my garage sale find from last weekend!! I got this for $5!! It's going to be perfect in Madi's room when she's old enough!
Those are my finds.....it was a great Saturday!! Plus Del Taco for breakfast...I mean you really can't beat that!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Met my quota......LOL

So I have been a busy bee this week......I made two more projects! On Wednesday I dipped into the world of toys...and made an "I Spy Bag"....it was so much fun to make! And Chance even enjoys playing with it.....or throwing it at me! LOL.... Here's the pic of that beautiful project!

Note to self: When making an "I Spy Bag", make sure and double check your list....or your list will end up with doubles.........hmmmmmmm..........OOPS!!

My second project for the week was Trick Or Treat Bags for the kiddos. I didn't want them to have ginormous bags to lug around....so I made them toddler size bags. They turned out so cute! And they didn't cost me a dime. The fabric was a remnant that my Momma sent me in a big box of goodies! And the ribbon I have had forever....don't really even think I bought it....found it in an old box of ribbon.....it was probably my Momma's.....They turned out so cute! And thank God Christina showed me how to box the bottoms! It makes them look so much nicer, and also like I put a whole lotta work into them....but in all actuality, it's not that much work....very easy!

So the quota thing.....yeah, I told Christina at the beginning of the month that I would promise to do one project a week for the month of September, because it's National Sewing Month, so I met that quota yesterday....in less than two weeks! The first two projects were the coasters and winebag....I could only claim half of the winebag though.... ;) Then there was Madi's skirt, then we have the "I Spy Bag", and last but not least the two trick or treat bags! I'm DONE!!! I'll continue on, but I'm just impressed that I met my quota....lol.....So for now, I say goodbye! I will update soon with more pictures of our latest creations! We are going to garage sales tomorrow, so God only knows what we will come up with next!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Miss Mary the Sew Fairy......

My sister has dubbed me with this title....hahahaa....she's just jealous. This is my creation from today......It was hard to make, but it turned out perfect! (or at least what I consider perfect....lol) It is for Madi's Halloween Costume! She is going to be a Polka Dot Witch.....HA! I'm creative like that.....and the material was $1.99/yd .......sooooooooooooooooooo..........til next time!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Crafty Side........

So apparently in my old age my craftiness side has blossomed....LOL....so here is a collection of things I have made or helped make! My friend Christina and I sew on a weekly basis now....actually this week it was twice...but who's counting right? It's very enjoyable, and plus my kids are usually down for a nap, so that makes it twice as great!!! Here are the pics!

This was my very first thing to pick up and sew(in an insanely long time!) It's my very first pillowcase dress!!! Madi looooves it!

This was my second bow to make....my SAHM's group hosted a bow party,

and I learned how to make these!! I bought a ton of ribbon and haven't make another one since!!! HAHAHAHAH!This is my first cloth book! Very cute....the pattern wasn't

printed straight on the fabric, so it's a little lopsided!! But the kiddos still love it!

And the best creation thus far!!! Christina and I made this wine bag!!! It was insanely easy to make....but the directions were confusing!I also made coordinating coasters......it's for a giveaway through the SAHM's group.....Pajama Night!!! Best PJ's win these for prizes!!! Lucky Dogs!

And these coasters were my first set!! The lime green really doesn't photograph well....but they are adorable!!! And super easy and cheap to make! This little set right here only ran about $3.25!!! And the pink and black ones above ran less than that!!!

So these are the things I've made in the past few weeks!! It's National Sewing Month, so Christina and I have vowed to make at least one project/week. She's on like number seven for the week I think! LOL >>> you can check out her blog in my favorites! It's Trying Sew Hard!! Really really cute stuff!!! Until Next time!!!