Welcome to my weight loss journey! I was sleeved on 6/6/11
Went in for tummy tuck and breast reduction 12/11/12

Friday, May 29, 2009

A new bag...

So Peejay asked me a while back to make a diaper bag for one of her close friends...and I FINALLY got to it this week. Sorry it took so long friend. She picked out all the fabric and I made the bag. It came out pretty great! I used the same tutorial, but I did it all totally different then how I did Jillian's. I discovered that the person that made the tut that I was using, is pretty much an idiot...LMAO! Not really, but a little bit. I really wish I would have made Jillian's like this, but hey, a bag is a bag...LOL! I really love how this bag came out! I don't use interfacing in my bags, I use batting! And they still hold their shape really well, and when you wash them, it's not supposed to get little creases and kinks in it. It might, cause I've never washed one, but it's not supposed to! LOL! The bag is super soft and super fluffy! Just the way I like them! LOL! So here are the pics!

The inside is my favorite part...LOL!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The "big" Date! HA!

So I actually brought the camera with me....and I was going to take pics to chronicle our night of fun....and then I kinda forgot about it...LMAO! But no need to fear...I remembered it when I decided to try on my wedding dress, and before we left the house! HAHAH! So here are a few pics...imagine that...coming to my blog and seeing pics?! HA!That's my baby daddy...say what?!?! love that song...hahah.

I'm braggin again...I'm sorry...I can't help it...so to those of you who are sick of hearing about my weight loss or think I'm getting full of myself....then imagine this to yourselves...Try not even being able to see your toes when you're standing up...or not even being able to touch them! Then let's pretend that there are only 2 stores you can actually shop at...oh and let's not forget about only being 20 lbs shy of 300 lbs.....So yeah...I'm braggin again...cause I'm DAMN proud of myself....LOL! Down 46 lbs....super sweeet.... sorry...stepping off of soapbox now....
ya know what's funny about this pic?.....most people take pics of themselves in this pose to show a baby bump or something...LMAO...not me...I call this my "belly be gone" pose! errr...at least mostly gone... HAHAHAHA! I crack myself up sometimes...lol

So this is super retarded...but every year, I check to see if I can fit back in my dress...and the past 3 years, well lets just say I've been not so successful...lol....It fit this year!!! With a teeny tiny bit to spare! HAHAHA!!!! KICK ASS!!! Like my dear friend Carla said...next year it'll hopefully be an indecent picture...cause it'll be down around my ankles...due to not fitting..LMAO! That's not exactly what she said...but whatever...same thing...HAHAHAH!

Friday, May 22, 2009

5 Years...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!
5 years to be exact!

I love him so much, and I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life....cause let's be honest....God only knows where I would be without Chance...lol....happy anniversary baby.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Daddy is no bueno....

Well....my sister in law called today and gave me an update on my Daddy....Where to start?? Last week Daddy called me and sounded pretty bad, kinda scared...and sick. He wanted help...so he calls me!? So I called my brother and THANK GOD, he and Michelle got the ball rolling. I actually called and talked to Daddy's nurse, and she was super nice, and put in an order for a fasting diabetes test....and said that she wanted to see Daddy asap!!!! So I called and once again, Tim and Michelle came to the rescue. They took Daddy in today, and this is what we have....He's weighing 319.6 lbs. My Daddy is a big man, but that's the biggest he's been in a while...and they are almost guaranteeing that at least 30 lbs of that is water.....He can't even bend his knees...the bottoms of his feet are swelling, and he's having abdominal swelling....they referred him to a cardiologist today, and they are taking it upon themselves (thank GOD) to make the appointment for him tomorrow. They asked him if he was having problems breathing...and like the 5 year old he is, he said no. Luckily Michelle stepped in and said yes he's having lots of problems...so they checked his oxygen level...88%. oh no. So they did another chest x-ray, it came back ok... They can't tell for sure, but either his heart is swollen, or the area around his heart is swelling...They said absolutely NO EXERCISE for him....just keep his feet propped up above his heart, and take some extra strength diuretic pills...and told him to stay near the potty! LOL! They said in 3 days the swelling in his legs and abdomen should be down, maybe even gone...but he has to get to the cardiologist asap. It's going to cost us $450 just to get him in the door....which sucks...but they promised us that they would only run necessary tests...no nonsense... He doesn't have insurance and he's not old enough for medicare...he's 63. We're going to try to get him on disability...he can't even bend his knees...so he can't work...soooooo...yeah. We'll see what happens. He had not eaten since like 6am, so they went ahead and did the diabetes lab, and we found out that his blood sugar level on his last blood test...which wasn't fasting...was 163...and from what I've heard...that's no bueno. I don't know much about what's going on, medically speaking, but I know he's insanely uncomfy, and he asked for help....so I know it's not good. Please keep him in your prayers. I would really appreciate that. I'll update when I find out about the other tests....and to all my nurse friends out there...feel free to leave a comment...and any ideas....good or bad! ;)

God please watch over my Daddy....I really do enjoy having him around....

and one last thing....

I couldn't post it on my babies birthday party post...lol....but on the day of the party, I hit 45 lbs lost....after ice cream and cake and chips and dip and...and...and....LOL! I went back up 2 lbs....but anyway...I hit my 45 lbs lost mark today! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! So I am at 235 lbs! SAWEEEEET!

May 17, 2009

My babies turned 3! HOLY COW!! We had a big ol' Beach Monkey Pool Party! It was a blast! All the kiddos were very well behaved, even Jaxon...HAHA! I can't believe they are 3! In August they will start pre-k, which I can't wait for! I'm not gonna lie...Momma needs a break! LOL! So here are a few pics, from the party!
Here are the cakes! They turned out GREAT!!!

People always make fun of me for still making the kiddos their very own cakes, but I figure if they have to share a birthday, they shouldn't have to share a cake....

As you can see...Madison is my piggy, and Jaxon is my clean freak...lol...he asked for a spoon, shortly after this...lol

Here are the kiddos, with a few of their friends...we couldn't get them ALL wrangled up...lol...I mean seriously...what's more important??? a picture or swimming???? LOL!

Thanks to Christina, my puppies even got in on the party action!!! It was 104 degrees!! They were soooo hot! and in the words of Erika....they were true party animals!! HAHA!

Trixie opted to hide out for a bit, under the table...where all the kids were eating...lol...she's a GENIUS! LOL

Here's the loot! THANKS FRIENDS!!!!!

and this is my favorite pic from the party...lol...I love it...

It was the perfect day for a pool party! We have some of the greatest friends a person could EVER ask for! The boys enjoyed beer and the bbq. and the rest of us enjoyed it too! LOL! Or at least I know I did! HAHA!! Happy Birthday my sweet babies....until next year! i love you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a test run....

This is the practice cake for Madi and Jaxon's Birthday Party!!! I'm going to make two of them...one for Madi and one for Jaxon...Madi's monkey cake will have a bow! Not too bad for the first try...ever....LOL!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I am the luckiest woman ever....or at least I think so....LOL! I was awoken today with breakfast in bed! Waffles, sausage, and chocolate milk!!! The sweetest card ever was sitting next to my breakfast!! I even got to sleep in! WOW! I love him so much!!!!!!! I hope everyone out there has a spectacular day! I love you and miss you mommy!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

more weight loss excitement!!!!

So we did our measurements this morning!!!! and I'll just give you the summary...the very quick and short and very exciting summary!
We did our first measurements on 3/24/09 and we took our last measurements this morning 5/9/09. So in 46 days....these are our totals!!! This just goes to show how much more I have to lose than Chance....LOLOL!

Chance lost a total of 2.5 inches. HOW AWESOME!!!
I lost a total of 18 inches!!! WOWOWOWOWOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's my breakdown......
neck +1/4
L arm -3/4
R arm -3/4
chest -2
waist -5 1/2
hips -5 1/2
L thigh -1 3/4
R thigh -1 1/2
L calf -1/4
R calf -1/4

once again....kick ass.

Other kick ass news....we went shopping last night! I got an awesome new top! My treat for losing 42 lbs. At Torrid, I use to wear a 3! I tried on a 2 last night and it fit really really comfortable....but Chance made me buy a 1.....he wants it to fit when we go to Cabo! I came home and was bummed, because I just knew it wasn't going to fit at all....but guess what???? IT DID!!!! KICK ASS!!! So a 3 is a 22/24 and a 2 is a 18/20, and a 1 is a 14/16....all be it, it's tight...but dammit I can wear it!!! putting on a 14/16 3 months ago would have been a joke! Then we went on a mission to find some shorts...apparently fat people aren't supposed to wear shorts, but quite frankly....it's too damn hot to wear jeans or capris in the summer in Bakersfield....ugh....so I actually got to go to a normal department store and try on a pair of normal shorts....and they fit....WOW! I didn't buy them...lol...they just didn't look right...I never will understand why people make the waist big enough for fat people, but they won't make the thighs big enough....geez....I also tried on a really really cute dress....Christina has been up my booty about wearing a dress....she always looks so beautiful in dresses...I feel frumpy and not so great in them....so anyway...in her honor, I tried on the cutest floral party dress last night....and I picked up an 18 with a smug grin in my face....I took it to the dressing room, and because I'm lazy, I always just slide dresses on over my head...lol...who needs zippers right??? I just knew that thing wouldn't make it over my chest....and it did....then I just knew it wouldn't make it over my big ol' tummy....and IT DID!! And then it hung loosely.....LOOSE!! WOW!! So I could have easily of gotten a 16....holy crap...I haven't been a size 16 since right after I graduated high school!!! That was the best feeling in the world....lol....so off to Old Navy I go tonight!!! LOL! I'm feeling very motivated for things...including sewing!! So hopefully I'll have some new projects up soon....so many of my friends are sewing some of the cutest things, and they are motivating me!! Summer dresses are the bestest!!! take care and be blessed! til next time!

One more thing....thank you so much to all the people that leave comments here on my blog and just in everyday life...you all have no idea how much you've helped me through this process...THANK YOU!!!
and now I leave you with pics.....The first on was taken at Thanksgiving back home....and the next two were taken today! sweeeeet!

Friday, May 8, 2009

all good things come to an end....

On Janurary 29th I re-started weigh watchers. I weighed 280 lbs. Then on Feb 6th, I started the weight loss program at Dr. Shah's. I weighed 276lbs. Today is May 8th, and I had my last weigh in and B-12 shot. I weighed in at 238lbs. No more pills, just me and my exercise. I hope and pray to God that I'll keep up with it and have the self control to not eat everything in sight. I do have a few pills left over, because truth is, I didn't take them daily like you're supposed to. So I guess I've kinda done it on my own...lol. So today is the day that it's pretty much all on me. Wish me luck! I still have 38 lbs to lose!
Start weight 280 lbs.
End weight 238 lbs.
Total lost: 42 lbs.

kick ass.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I guess I'm in the mood for.....

good quotes....nice....I saw this on yahoo today....and I liked it....

Dear Ted:
I had to fire back on your comment to "Hypocrite"—Miss California does rock. Perez may not have agreed with her opinion. However, America was founded on tolerance of dissenting beliefs, not condemnation. I support gay marriage, but Perez's actions were intolerant and out of line, and for someone seeking acknowledgement of an ideal universally, it should not be at the cost of forcing down another person on the basis of their beliefs because you are empowered to do so at your discretion. I am certain he can relate to that feeling as an advocate of gay rights, and to exert that onto another person, that is hypocritical.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

much needed....

Make no friendship with a man given to anger,nor go with a wrathful man,or you will learn his ways and find a snare for yourself.Proverbs 22:24-25 New American Standard