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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I met some close friends up at Magic Mountain on Tuesday! It was so much fun! All the kiddos were pretty much angels...it was insane...I don't think we've ever had that great of a day in public...LOL! The twins are finally figuring out sharing and taking turns. That makes a day at six flags so much easier! Here are a few pics!

All the kiddos minus the babies and the "older" kids...lol....They loved this ride!

Madi and Jaxon driving...how scary!

Kaitlynn driving...EVEN SCARIER!!! LOL

Madi in Thomas Town!

Jaxon loves him some Thomas! choo-chooooo-e

So you might be asking yourself....Where's Jaxon at????? All the kiddos (minus Barb's kids) are in this pic....but where's Jaxon.......check the pic below...you will find him!!
Crying like a wee little baby!! LOL! Taz gave him the creeps! LMAO! Poor baby....

This is my favorite pic of the day! Carson is such a sweet sweet baby boy...and he looooved the carousel.
The ride home....5 very exhausted kids...and two exhausted mommy's! Thank God Christina shares my love of Mexican food! LOL! El Pollo Loco got us home! HAHAHAH!

We hit a downpour on the way home! Check out the pic that Christina got!!

Thanks for the invite Amy! We had a lovely day!

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