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Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Canyon Home!

Boy I love going back to Texas....I get to eat all the great home cooking, and pack on two pounds! LOL! I got to see almost ALL of my friends and I got to see my Daddy! The kiddos got to go with Papa Bright and see all the cows and and their calves...errr...baby mooooos. LOL! They loved it! We did a pseudo birthday celebration for the kiddos..a.k.a...the grandparents showered them with gifts! Thanks guys! And of course there's no way in hell that we could have a nice relaxing vacation! There has to be some sort of family or work drama right??? My cousin Eric had a massive heart attack....and they diagnosed him as brain dead afterwards. I was devastated and so damn worried about the family...I was packing my bags to drive over there and my Mom called....she sounded surprisingly upbeat....While the entire family was saying their goodbye's, he moved his eyes....WHAT? Then Kevin(his brother) said "Eric, if you can hear me....move your eyebrows." And the man moved his eyebrows!!!!!! So needless to say, it's either a miracle or the shittiest doctor's on the face of the planet! He's walking, talking, and getting a gazillion tests run on him...but he's OK!!! Thank you God...... So that put a damper on the vaca, but it ended perfectly!!!! Here are some pics! Til next time!
Madi and Jaxon got to see Chris and Taryn!!! I was so happy to see these two people!!! I miss them so much!!!!

Birthday Celebration time!!!

GoGo and Papa bought the kiddos their first bikes!!!

Gam-Gam got Jaxon a kickass Roboraptor! And she got Madi a tea set and babydoll!

Jaxon was pretty scared of it at first...but now he really enjoys it!

Madi showed off her new teaset to Cousin David!

I can't believe how big Casey and David have gotten! It's insane!

And Uncle Jared......they love him.......and he loves them!

and here's some fun Daddy time! Check out that blue Texas sky!!!

My daddy came up from Wichita Falls. He seems to be doing better! Just have to get him to a cardiologist. soon. He brought the kiddos gifts too! They are so damn spoiled...lol...singing and dancing teddy bears and keyboards! They had a blast!

and last, but certainly not least....it's GIZMO! or emo....as the kiddos called him! It's Phylis's new puppy and he is a dream with the kiddos! Such a great puppy!

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Christina Marie said...

Wait. You mean to tell me, that the sky in Texas... is BLUE??? Where does all the smog go? LOL Glad you had such a nice time, but glad you're back in smoggy ol' Bakersfield too ;)