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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

and Happy Birthday to my nephew Ryan! He's 17 today....holy hell....that's crazy! I remember the first time I got to hold him...I was soooooo excited! He was teeny tiny and very quiet....Now he's like 6'3 and is mouthy...LOL! awwwwwwwwww....Happy Birthday kiddo!

I weighed myself this morning and almost passed out! No really....I almost did. I looked down expecting to see the same 252.....like I have for a few days now....and BOOM! I have reached a goal!!! YAYAYAY!!! I've lost 30 lbs! WOW! I'm at 250!!! I really hope I can keep this momentum going....I better...I've come too far to just stop now....and plus Cabo is a pretty damn big deal to me....sooooooooooooooo......wish me luck! LOL! Now, if Chance would let me....and I know he's not going to....but my reward for losing 30 lbs, was a new tattoo....truth be told, I don't need it...but I WANT it! LOL! Sucks being broke! LOL! I'll just have to move the tattoo goal to 50 lbs. I can go buy a new pair of capri's for the 30 lb. goal! YAY!
and here are some random pics.....they are becoming camera hogs....lol

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