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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

So it's a bit late...geez...gimme a break...LOL! Original plans were to go to Six Flags...that kinda fell through when Madi projectile vomited across Chance Easter morning...lol...so we stayed home and got to feeling better. Luckily after a few naps, Madi was alright and we were able to do an Easter Egg Hunt!!! No fancy outfits....just us having fun!
This pic is from my stay at home mom's group Easter egg hunt/potluck! Peejay dressed up as the Easter bunny for all the kiddos! God Bless her! Jaxon would not come within 30 feet of the Easter bunny and this is all I got out of Madi...one day...they will love her!

Here is Madi grabbing a few eggs!

Jaxon going for his loot!

These are the pics from the house! The Easter bunny popped by while the kiddos were down for nap, and this is what he left!!!!

He also dropped a whole bunch of eggs out by the pool, that way the puppies couldn't get to them!

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!!

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