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Saturday, April 11, 2009


So when you cut your material correctly, you can always have great remnants, and sometimes...when you're super lucky....you can have enough to make something GREAT! I did! LOL! I had some material left over from Emily's little dress, and this is what I got out of it!

Can you believe it???? One of my creations that Madi actually wants to wear! YAY!

Til next time....take care and be blessed! and Have a Happy Easter!!! We're going to Six Flags again tomorrow...yay for season passes!


The Barger's said...

Oh I love it. Her shirt is so cute, you are so creative. I wish I had the creativity and patience to sew and make things like you do.

MissBillie said...

Thanks!!! and I bet if you sat down and tried to sew, you would be GREAT at it!!!