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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

breaking the rules....

I'm only supposed to weigh on Mondays....but sometimes, I really feel like I need to check myself if I haven't been as good as I'm supposed to be the day before. Well, last night I had 1C of chocolate milk. And I'm talking Hershey's chocolate milk....omg...it's been like 7 weeks and it was better than any ice cream I could have eaten...LOL And it was after 7:00, which is my number 1 rule....DON'T EAT AFTER 7!! So I just wanted to make sure I didn't totally screw myself and to my surprise, the scale read:

244.6 lbs.


That's exciting! Maybe I should add some chocolate milk in every night after 7:00. LOL

I kid...I kid....but really ;)


Tara said...

WHA-HOOO!!! Way to go Billie!

MissBillie said...

Thanks so much Tara!!! :D