Welcome to my weight loss journey! I was sleeved on 6/6/11
Went in for tummy tuck and breast reduction 12/11/12

Monday, July 11, 2011

5 weeks post op....

How exciting! I'm still losing!!

Start weight: 281.8 lbs.

Current Weight: 254.0 lbs.

Total lost: 27.8 lbs.

A total of 3.4 lbs lost this week!!

I'm feeling pretty great lately. I started back to school last week. The first day was great, the second day I thought I was going to die and the third day, I felt normal again. I'm eating well and anything I want. I splurged on a vanilla wafer last night. And the really sad part, was that I felt guilty....for one stinkin vanilla wafer. But oh man, it was goooood. lol I over did it on Saturday and into Saturday night for my best friend's birthday party, so all of Sunday I was laid up in bed....literally, passed out, all day long. I didn't even drink at her party...a few sips off of others drinks, just to try them, but I didn't have one whole drink, other than my water the entire night. I'm still afraid to try and drink....oh well. I need to make it into the gym today, just not sure that's gonna happen...I just keep telling myself, it's just another period of adjustment...I'll get used to all this eventually. I was doing really great before I went back to school...but dang....those 33 hours in 3 days is kind of a killer. lol

That's really all I know for now....thanks for reading! Hope everyone is doing good! :)


kellye said...

You are doing great Billie!!! =) If I am thinking of not working out I remind myself that later I will think, "I wish I had worked out." I never think, "I wish I hadn't worked out." ... well some mornings after I might think I wish I hadn't done so much, but I never regret working out. And even on the mornings I dread it, I make a deal with myself... I start working out and if 10 minutes in I am still not feeling it I can stop. I've only stopped once because I just wasn't feeling it. =)

Debbie Korsmeyer said...

Great job! Never feel guilty about a small indulgence. You need them while dieting. Never restrict yourself too much that the horrible cravings start. You are looking good!