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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Chance forced me to go shopping today....you see, his company Christmas party is on Saturday night....yay. I dread shopping, it's like the plague or something...I feel like everyone stares at me and is judging everything I pick up. I am still (in my head) the almost 300lb girl shopping at stores she shouldn't even be in. But you see, I'm a lot smaller, I just forget that I am. So I went into Forever21. wow. First of all, that place is ginormous! SO SO overwhelming. I needed my psychologist right then and there...I honestly could have called him and had him walk me through this....totally ridiculous...lol...but the truth. I kind of just did a beeline for the front doors...I wanted out...immediately. I always thought that when I lost enough weight to shop in all the stores, that I'd be jumping for joy, but in all actuality, it's super overwhelming for me! How do people pick out clothes!? SO many damn options! I don't know if any of you skinny people know this, but us big girls have 2 stores to shop at for the most part and the other stores have a plus size section, that's about the size of my ass and completely separate from the rest of the store....like JCPenny's for instance...there plus size is on the second floor.....nice. assholes. Anywho---stepping off of soapbox now...lol...back to my original thought...too many options...I need someone to hold my hand and take me shopping...I determined today that I have NO fashion sense...so sad to admit it, but it's the truth! I need to find myself in the fashion world. so I'm recruiting my dear friend Kaley. Forgive me in advance girl! It's gonna be tough! LOL

So the exciting news! I bought a dress in a size...........12!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! That's right! A 12. I haven't been a 12 since like 8th grade. Seriously...wow.

I feel beautiful again....Even made a trip into Frederick's today! Chance is excited for that...lol

Thanks for reading my ramblings...I love and appreciate all of your support more than you guys know!

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