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Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 months....

My surgery was on June 6th and now it's November 6th.... In that time, I have lost 72.6 lbs and I feel fantastic. We did measurements this morning, so here ya go:
L upper arm: +1/4"
R upper arm: +1/4"
Chest: - 2.5"
Waist: -4"
Hips: -2.25"
L thigh: -1.25"
R thigh: -1.25"
L calf: -1.5"
R calf: -1.5"
Neck: -0-
WOW! I'll take the plus in my arms, mainly because I've been working on them....so I'll take it...lol.
A lot of people have asked what my total change has been from day one, so here are those numbers
Wrist: -1/4"
Arms: -3"
Chest: -6"
Waist: -9"
Hips: -13.75"
Thighs: -5"
Calf: -1"
Dress size: 24 down to 14
Shirt size: 22/24 down to 14/16
Bra size: 42H down to 38DDD
Ring size: 9 down to 7
Shoe size: 9.5 down to 8.5
Neck: -1.25"
So....yeah....I've changed a lot.....I still can't believe it....but I'll take it!
Day before surgery
Today :)

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