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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well the holidays are over and it's the beginning of a brand new year! This past year definately had it's downs...almost too many to count....but we finished out on a pretty high note. I missed my friends and family from back home so badly that it hurt. I missed being home and seeing everyone's faces...hell I even missed the faces of my friends here in Cali...lol....I'm just very thankful that Chance's parents and his brother and sister in law came into town. Christmas just isn't the same when you're not surrounded by some of your family....or that could just be me. I dearly missed Granny this year.....God rest her soul.....and I know for sure I'm not the only one who missed her....it was the first Christmas without her and there was a slight haze in the air.......We sure did miss you this year........

Anywho--------- onto a lighter note.......The kiddos made out like bandits from Santa and the rest of the family!! I didn't know they could ever ever ever get so many gifts at one time! LOL!! Here's some of that aftermath..........thanks to everyone who sent gifts!!

Chance made out pretty well too this year! He got a digital picture frame, a Guiness hat and shirt, and a PUPPY! That's right! I picked up our new Neo/English Mastiff puppy on Christmas Eve! He named her Trixie....I call her Trix....cause she's full of them! We took her to the vet that day and she is free and clear of all heart murmurs and anything else that could possibly be wrong!! THANK GOD!! I don't think I could go through that again. Here's some pics! She was born on November 16, 2008! At her checkup she was 5 weeks old and weighed 8 lbs! HOLY COW!!! She's gonna be a bear...for sure!

I hope you all had an absolutely amazing Christmas and you all have the best year ever!!! Resolutions anyone??? Mine is the same it is every year.....lose weight.......lol......maybe this year will be the year............... ;)

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