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Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh what a day!!

I had a very productive day today!! Chance went out to work on a well, so I destroyed the house!!! HAHA....but no really. I made some belated Christmas gifts, some curtains, and a new project.... It's one of those things you put on the back of your seat in the car...it sits in front of the kiddos for their books and snacks and whatnot. I saw one online and figured I'd give it a go. No tutorial or anything, and it turned out pretty great! All in all it was a good day! Here are the pics of the projects!
I made two of these babies today! Just for Casey and David! I hope they loooove them.

These are Jaxon's new curtains! They have baseballs all over them! I made those today too!

example of the baseballs....very cute!

And I had some leftover material so I decided to try one of these thingy's. It's a backseat buddy. You hang it on the back of the seat in the car. It sits in front of the kiddos, you can put toys and books, and snacks in it. Great idea! Saw it on some blog.....no tutorial! Woot Woot!

And last but not least, here is my Mom's catastrophe of a purse. I did this about a month ago, but never posted pics....it was my Momma's Christmas gift. It turned out really cute, if you don't know how to sew and pick out all the mistakes, she loves it anyway, and has requested another one, but in a solid color. kickass momma.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going shopping tomorrow!! woot woot!!!! I almost forgot!! I took Trixie to the vet yesterday, she's only 7 weeks old and she weighs 16 POUNDS!!! Oh my goodness!!! She's going to be a horse!!

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