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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weight Loss.....oy.

Well, today was the day I guess...lol...Chance and I both started weight watchers.....Hopefully we can stick to it and it will help us! I did it a very very long time ago, and it worked wonders for me....I lost 27 lbs. I really enjoyed it, but that was before kids or really cooking...LOL...so now it really will be a test....lol...but we're gonna do it! We've even gotten into the fitness thing....Chance bought a bow flex off of Craigslist, and he also bought us bikes, and a trailer for the kiddos to ride in! Very cute really. The kiddos really enjoy it. I rode for the first time yesterday and I feel as though my butt gave birth...LMAO! My butt hurts! I rode with Christina yesterday morning, and then last night Chance and I rode to Sonic for dinner. It was really nice. We live very close to the river walk here, and they have beautiful trails! So we're going to work ourselves up to that point. We'll see how it all goes! Wish us luck!!! Fo Sho.

p.s. Does anyone know where I can find on of those calculators, that you put your homemade recipe in and it spits out the calories per serving??? Just curious.


T said...

Good job guys! I know you'll stick with it and do really well! Enjoy the nice weather and being able to get out and ride :)

busymomto3 said...

Awesome! We have bikes and a trailer for the kids too. We'll have to meet up for a ride sometime! Especially since I'm on a quest to lose weight too!

busymomto3 said...

Awesome! We have bikes and a trailer for the kids too! We'll have to get together sometime for a ride! And good luck with WW! Can't wait to be skinny b*@%&^s together!