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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Happens...

This was said to me back during Thanksgiving by my very best friend Jenny. We didn't get to see each other this past visit back home...and I was feeling way crummy about it...and she told me over the phone..."no worries...life happens". I've been pondering that statement more and more everyday...especially since the new year. Why does life happen....why can't we just keep up with who and what we need to keep up with. I'm insanely busy, but I could most definitely find the time to call a few friends. Are you supposed to drift away from people? I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, but why can't I stop this from happening. I get so busy and so self absorbed sometimes in my own life, I don't think about what's going on in my friend's lives. I'm saddened at how many friends I've fallen out of touch with. I wrote my friend Kyle a few weeks ago and he never got back to me, then I did my shit talk to him and he threw stuff up in my face on how I never return phone calls (I love you Kyle ;)........and ya know what.......I'm horrible about returning phone calls.....and that's ridiculous.... I don't monitor my phone, I usually don't hear it...lol...or my signal doesn't work. It's just amazing to me that there are so many people that I care about so much that I don't even talk to anymore, but I think about everyday. Why don't I do something about that?? Fact is....life happens. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful two year old kiddos....and sometimes I barely have enough time for my husband, much less myself or my beloved friends. I sometimes wish I could just stop time for a moment.....and stay there for a while....but that's not possible....I so wish it was...I need that sometimes. So the reason for the ridiculous rant in a way is an apology I guess....I wish I would have kept up better, but hell...I have had a whole lotta shit happen in my life too...lol....I'm just writing...needed to write today. Long story short, I miss you all and love you all and think about you all more than you will ever know. I hope life takes you far and you end up so happy that words can't describe it. But I do miss you all more than you'll ever know! and I hope one day when we all pass each other on the street, and it won't be a hey how's life.....it'll be a hey how's the kids, how was the school program last week, because I want to be involved in every one's lives up to date and all. I miss you all.


Christina Marie said...

Life does, unfortunately (sometimes) happen. Can't stop it, only can decide how you are going to spend it.

MissBillie said...


Anonymous said...

Aww-- that was deep--
I miss ya'll too--- I looove ya'll