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Friday, January 23, 2009

lots o randomness....and a dress!

So I haven't really been productive this week....just trying to concentrate on not eating....Chance and I are doing weight watchers.....so here are the numbers...don't gasp and be in shock too much...lol

Weigh in Monday 1/19: Chance 228 Billie Lynn 280.6

Weigh in Friday 1/23: Chance 222 Billie Lynn 276.2

Ya know...that's not that bad for four days. I just wish I could close my eyes or blink and my fat ass would disappear...but I guess that's not going to happen...lol I have been very active this week at least. On Monday I rode my bike about 4 miles, Tuesday 8 miles, and then Wednesday I rode about 7 miles. Not too bad...my ass still hates me.....lol It started raining here on Thursday and is continuing to rain today...so no bike riding here.....I'll go out and lift some weights tonight...yay. Can you feel my excitement...lol.... Here's a pic of Madi and JAxon's noggin protectors....lol

In other news, I went to cook dinner last night and my kitchen faucet exploded on me....lol....then today I turned on our DVD player and it's broken....wow....what's next....I pray it's not us or a car....lol. So all in all it's been kind of a crappy week....just walking around hungry and mildly pissed off at the world....but I did manage to make Madison a kick ass Corset Dress on Wednesday night. Christina came on over and we sewed up a storm....and ate some Weight Watchers Ice Cream bars....2 points thank you! Here are the pics.

Here we have take one.....The front needed something and against my better judgment I bought and iron on applique......it's really cute...but I guarantee it will fall off after the first wash....

And this is the amazing back....it's so pretty...I just need to figure out a way to spice up the front.....next try will be much different!!!

I hope this finds everyone very happy and well. Til next time!


busymomto3 said...

So impressed with the dress! And I understand walking around hungry all day, mildly pissed at everyone around you! But cling to the good, and soon your efforts will be noticed by all! Here's to you, you skinny b^&%h!

MissBillie said...

HAHAHAHA!!! You put that perfectly!!! Right back at ya hot momma!!!!