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Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a GREAT Saturday!!

I woke bright and early to Madi peeing in the potty!!! That's right people, in the potty!! She's a big kid now! WOOOHOOOO!!! Now I just have to conquer Jaxon. After I got her all settled the whole fam settled into my bed...LOL...we lounged until about 8:20 then started our day! Chance is the bestest most amazingest husband ever! He watched the kiddos from 10 to 4 today! I got to go SHOPPING!! 10 am Christina came by and picked me up and we started our day. We went by a dear friend's bow sale! Picked up some great bows and I won the raffle prize!!! WOOHOOO!!! A free bow holder and 10 bows!! I ROCK!! Thanks Stacey! :) Then we went on our way to Hancock's, spent about 2 hours there....they were having some great sales and fully stocked up on fabric....here's my finds!!!
Some kick ass signs for my kitchen!!! I only paid $4
for these puppies!! A piece that is...LOL

This fabric shall be my "future" pillows....

There will be four of them and they will spell out L O V E.

Say it with me 75% off Christmas fabric..........don't be jealous.

And these beauties will be Madi's Pinafore Dress and Corset Dress......oh just wait.

Then we went and engorged ourselves at Chipotle....oh my goodness....it's heavenly. Then we wandered back across town to Strawberry Patches, ewwwwed and awwwwwed over all the amazing fabric and quilts, then my fat ass had to drag us next door to Sweet Surrender.....OMG...the best chocolate and cookies and cakes and pies....and just plain cute stuff!! After I dragged my fat ass out of there we wandered over to Beverly's...I picked up my elastic thread and some thread for my "future" pillows. Then we wandered on over to Target...I love Target...They have the best dollar bins....check it.

Oh yes....those are heart shaped measuring cups.....FABULOUS!

Then we stopped by Fashion Bug so Chris could get her bangin outfit for the casino tonight, and then I dragged myself in the front door....to an exhausted hubby who had enough of 2 year old twins....LOL! He's a trooper!! For sure. Thanks Baby Daddy...I had a lovely day. And thanks Christina....I had a blast!!! And we soooo burned calories by laughing....oh yes....that's my thought at least.


Christina Marie said...

LMAO! I give you an award for blog of the year ;)
Definitely burned off Chipotle with laughing.. at LEAST half the chips we ate!
Thanks for joining me! and for my Rocky Road cluster!

Stacey said...

WOOHOO!!! I made it into your BLOG!!! This is great.....LOL!! Well I am glad you won!! I cant wait for you and Madi to pick your bows!!!