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Thursday, September 18, 2008

another day..........

I had a hell of a day today....twins have their amazing moments, and then they have their horrible moments.....and I think a moment can sometimes turn into an entire day! HA!!!! It was a rough one, and of course it's the day that Chance is out of town, he won't return until tomorrow! .........wow.
So I turn another year younger tomorrow! The big 2-6. It's crazy, I don't feel like I'm 26, I don't feel old...lol....alot of my friends have hit the "I'm Old" point....not me.....I feel old when it comes to the arts and crafts aspects....or after a rough day...I feel like I'm 90. HA!
Anywho---onto my projects and then a wonderful story about Hancock's. I went to Christina's yesterday and she helped me pin my sleeves onto the scrub top for Jaxon. That thing gave me fits. I have never felt so stupid in my whole entire life! I can't read a pattern to save my life! So I finished Jaxon's costume up. He's going to be a Veterinarian.

Then yesterday I started on this awesome tote bag, and I finished it today! Christina was nice enough to show me how to make these things....FANTASTIC! It's reversible!!!

So the kiddos were obviously driving me clinically insane today, so I decided to take a drive this evening. I some how or another found myself on the other side of town at Hancock's Fabrics. I love that place. There was not a sole in the parking lot, so I figured if the kiddos did act up I could half way get away with it. Well wouldn't ya know it, Madi screamed all the way to the door, and even when we entered. I'm sick of bowing down to my 2 year old daughter, so I pushed through the store and within seconds she was done screaming. We mosied on over to the remnant bin and picked up some cute Christmas and Halloween fabrics, and a really cute remnant of monkey fabric. Jaxon apparently slipped a really cute easter remnant in there when I wasn't looking....HA! Then I bought some really soft thin fleece to start on their pajamas I'm going to make. I went to the counter to pay, and the really cool lady that works there came over to talk to me. Told me she was seeing way too much of me in her store....lol....and started to talk to the kiddos. I guess the "grandma" aspect intrigued Madi so she was all over this lady, but still a wee bit leary at the same time. So I pay, we put the cart up and the lady was joking around and held out her hand to take Madison. And Madi latched onto this woman! Like to the point that the lady walked me out to my car!!! I put Madi in her carseat with huge tears running down her face...you would have thought I was kidnapping her. The lady even asked if she was mine???? Then she laughed hysterically because she knew they were mine!!! She apologized uncontrollably, and I went on my merry way. How odd??? huh??? So apparently Madi has taken the side of "I hate my Mommy", and "I'm going to embarass her at all costs." I'm not even going to go into what happened at the donut shop yesterday. HOLY GEEZ>>> So that was my evening. I came home made grilled cheese sandwiches, and watched Sesame Street with the kiddos. Madi came up and gave me a big ol kiss, hug, and sat in my lap for a good hour. I love that......I just wish she loved me in public! LOL

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