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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank God we're home!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We went back home for Thanksgiving this year!! and it was great! But boy oh boy was I really ready to come home. I use to hate to leave, but now I'm ready to come home before the set time...how sad huh? Not really.....I'm finally happy with my own life, that I don't have to live my old one. That may sound kinda tacky, but the truth is I'm truly happy....I love my little family, and my house, and my amazing friends!! So this Thanksgiving I was so thankful for so many things!! Like never before!

My sweet baby boy............so happy......

My sweet Madison......God she's so pretty....I never dreamed I would have a daughter this gorgeous!!

This is my bestest friend Nathan....I couldn't have asked for a better best friend...lol...

And here is Madi taking to her kitchen duties...LOL....She had so much fun helping her Gam-Gam in the kitchen!! and she looked good doing it!! LOL
So enough with the mushiness....LOL...I had a great trip and my Daddy loooved his blanket! LOL! We set up our Christmas tree last night and put out all the decorations, and it's perfect!! Well not exactly...lol...our tree is a wee bit too tall for our new house, but it's still gorgeous! LOL I'm going to start back to my crafts this week, so stay tuned for those!

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