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Monday, October 27, 2008


So I am not the type of person that ever gets a big head or thinks that the things I do are amazing.... The only amazing thing I've ever done is given birth to happy and healthy twins. I don't really like people doteing on me, but it is nice to know that I have inspired people. It's a very humbling experience to be sitting at a park and a dear friend say how amazed they are by my creations. And to know that they take times out of their busy lives to look at my boring ol' blog. It makes me so happy to know that I am in some way shape or form impacting their lives. I know it's just sewing and I know it's not a big deal to many people, but it is to me. I put alot of myself into my projects. Even if they are just following someone else's pattern and to know that people notice my execution of the project makes me happy. So for once in my life I can say I'm really proud of something I've started doing. I've been watching quilters and crafters and sewers my whole life. But I never really embraced it. I'm so glad that I went to a bow making party and met Christina. The spark she had for sewing got me excited about something I had been trying to run from my entire life! Sure my friends back home make fun of me and my "old lady" activities...but I'm happy! And I'm truly enjoying my life. I'm friends with an amazing support group and they know what it's like to have an absolutely horrible day and come to the park with a smile on their face. Many are afflicted with their own troubles, which are way worse than my screaming ass kid.... but they always ask how I am that day and want to hear about my life! LOL! and I do the same to them! I love it. So I guess you could say that today I was humbled....or I had a humbling experience.....or a really happy experience....either way, it made my day! Thanks.


Blake said...

Indeed! We do make fun of you for your "old lady" activities, but has that ever stopped you from doing what you wanna do? Hell no! Anyways, I am pretty sure that you could beat the shit out of Nathan, Ben and me...haha! I have enjoyed seeing your creations too. Pretty impressive stuff. I grew up watching my grandmother do stuff like that! Anyways, just thought I would make my presence known :). Oh by the way, you need to go to my blog and check out my creation...the good ol' Halloween short story! Evil is upon us! :D

Christina Marie said...

AWWWW how cute are you?! and if you're an "old lady" that makes me... I dunno...great grandma-ish. Ugh.