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Sunday, August 21, 2011

a little behind....

Wow...its been two weeks since I posted...and I don't have much to report. We went on a family vacation, our first ever and it was a BLAST! We went to San Diego! While there we enjoyed the SD zoo, SD safari, Seaworld and on the way home we stopped at the LA Museum of Natural History....everything was super awesome.
I'm not gonna lie....the eating aspect of it SUCKED! We ate out a lot...I mostly nibbled off of everyone else's plates. I ended up ordering a shrimp cocktail from a mexican restaurant and I ate on that for two days...lol...it just seems like we waste so much money on food for me....oy. I put on two pounds as well....so right before I left for the trip I weighed 236.8 got home and weighed 238.8 and as of this morning, I'm back at 236.8.
So in two weeks...I've lost 2 lbs. I'm not gonna complain about it...I dug my own little hole with the carbs I consumed and I will still say that I'm proud of myself for not really over doing it more than I could have. Temptation is a bitch....just sayin ;)
Me and my babies on the Skyfari at the San Diego Zoo :)

Me and my love, by the pool

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