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Friday, May 29, 2009

A new bag...

So Peejay asked me a while back to make a diaper bag for one of her close friends...and I FINALLY got to it this week. Sorry it took so long friend. She picked out all the fabric and I made the bag. It came out pretty great! I used the same tutorial, but I did it all totally different then how I did Jillian's. I discovered that the person that made the tut that I was using, is pretty much an idiot...LMAO! Not really, but a little bit. I really wish I would have made Jillian's like this, but hey, a bag is a bag...LOL! I really love how this bag came out! I don't use interfacing in my bags, I use batting! And they still hold their shape really well, and when you wash them, it's not supposed to get little creases and kinks in it. It might, cause I've never washed one, but it's not supposed to! LOL! The bag is super soft and super fluffy! Just the way I like them! LOL! So here are the pics!

The inside is my favorite part...LOL!


Michelle said...

I love this bag (and your blog, you are pretty funny, congrats on your weight loss!!) Where did you find the pattern for it? I would love to make one for myself.
Thanks so much,

MissBillie said...

well thanks so much!!! I got the pattern here....but I modified it quite a bit....I did almost everything differently, except the pockets...I really love the pockets...they are super deep, I just changed measurements and whatnot....but here's the link!!