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Friday, May 8, 2009

all good things come to an end....

On Janurary 29th I re-started weigh watchers. I weighed 280 lbs. Then on Feb 6th, I started the weight loss program at Dr. Shah's. I weighed 276lbs. Today is May 8th, and I had my last weigh in and B-12 shot. I weighed in at 238lbs. No more pills, just me and my exercise. I hope and pray to God that I'll keep up with it and have the self control to not eat everything in sight. I do have a few pills left over, because truth is, I didn't take them daily like you're supposed to. So I guess I've kinda done it on my own...lol. So today is the day that it's pretty much all on me. Wish me luck! I still have 38 lbs to lose!
Start weight 280 lbs.
End weight 238 lbs.
Total lost: 42 lbs.

kick ass.


The Barger's said...

That is so awesome Billie. You should be so proud of yourself. It is so much harder to lose weight the "right" way by working out and watching what you eat. I still haven't mastered the watching what I eat. Sweets call my name. I have about 15-20 lbs. I would still like to lose.

MissBillie said...

HOLY COW!! If you lose 15-20lbs you'll be super duper skinny!! I think you look absolutely fabulous!!!!! and thank you very much!!! That eating part still gets me...lol...but I guess it's a work in progress! ;)