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Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 17, 2009

My babies turned 3! HOLY COW!! We had a big ol' Beach Monkey Pool Party! It was a blast! All the kiddos were very well behaved, even Jaxon...HAHA! I can't believe they are 3! In August they will start pre-k, which I can't wait for! I'm not gonna lie...Momma needs a break! LOL! So here are a few pics, from the party!
Here are the cakes! They turned out GREAT!!!

People always make fun of me for still making the kiddos their very own cakes, but I figure if they have to share a birthday, they shouldn't have to share a cake....

As you can see...Madison is my piggy, and Jaxon is my clean freak...lol...he asked for a spoon, shortly after this...lol

Here are the kiddos, with a few of their friends...we couldn't get them ALL wrangled up...lol...I mean seriously...what's more important??? a picture or swimming???? LOL!

Thanks to Christina, my puppies even got in on the party action!!! It was 104 degrees!! They were soooo hot! and in the words of Erika....they were true party animals!! HAHA!

Trixie opted to hide out for a bit, under the table...where all the kids were eating...lol...she's a GENIUS! LOL

Here's the loot! THANKS FRIENDS!!!!!

and this is my favorite pic from the party...lol...I love it...

It was the perfect day for a pool party! We have some of the greatest friends a person could EVER ask for! The boys enjoyed beer and the bbq. and the rest of us enjoyed it too! LOL! Or at least I know I did! HAHA!! Happy Birthday my sweet babies....until next year! i love you.

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