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Saturday, May 9, 2009

more weight loss excitement!!!!

So we did our measurements this morning!!!! and I'll just give you the summary...the very quick and short and very exciting summary!
We did our first measurements on 3/24/09 and we took our last measurements this morning 5/9/09. So in 46 days....these are our totals!!! This just goes to show how much more I have to lose than Chance....LOLOL!

Chance lost a total of 2.5 inches. HOW AWESOME!!!
I lost a total of 18 inches!!! WOWOWOWOWOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's my breakdown......
neck +1/4
L arm -3/4
R arm -3/4
chest -2
waist -5 1/2
hips -5 1/2
L thigh -1 3/4
R thigh -1 1/2
L calf -1/4
R calf -1/4

once again....kick ass.

Other kick ass news....we went shopping last night! I got an awesome new top! My treat for losing 42 lbs. At Torrid, I use to wear a 3! I tried on a 2 last night and it fit really really comfortable....but Chance made me buy a 1.....he wants it to fit when we go to Cabo! I came home and was bummed, because I just knew it wasn't going to fit at all....but guess what???? IT DID!!!! KICK ASS!!! So a 3 is a 22/24 and a 2 is a 18/20, and a 1 is a 14/16....all be it, it's tight...but dammit I can wear it!!! putting on a 14/16 3 months ago would have been a joke! Then we went on a mission to find some shorts...apparently fat people aren't supposed to wear shorts, but quite frankly....it's too damn hot to wear jeans or capris in the summer in Bakersfield....ugh....so I actually got to go to a normal department store and try on a pair of normal shorts....and they fit....WOW! I didn't buy them...lol...they just didn't look right...I never will understand why people make the waist big enough for fat people, but they won't make the thighs big enough....geez....I also tried on a really really cute dress....Christina has been up my booty about wearing a dress....she always looks so beautiful in dresses...I feel frumpy and not so great in them....so anyway...in her honor, I tried on the cutest floral party dress last night....and I picked up an 18 with a smug grin in my face....I took it to the dressing room, and because I'm lazy, I always just slide dresses on over my head...lol...who needs zippers right??? I just knew that thing wouldn't make it over my chest....and it did....then I just knew it wouldn't make it over my big ol' tummy....and IT DID!! And then it hung loosely.....LOOSE!! WOW!! So I could have easily of gotten a 16....holy crap...I haven't been a size 16 since right after I graduated high school!!! That was the best feeling in the world....lol....so off to Old Navy I go tonight!!! LOL! I'm feeling very motivated for things...including sewing!! So hopefully I'll have some new projects up soon....so many of my friends are sewing some of the cutest things, and they are motivating me!! Summer dresses are the bestest!!! take care and be blessed! til next time!

One more thing....thank you so much to all the people that leave comments here on my blog and just in everyday life...you all have no idea how much you've helped me through this process...THANK YOU!!!
and now I leave you with pics.....The first on was taken at Thanksgiving back home....and the next two were taken today! sweeeeet!


Tara said...

You look AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

Christina Marie said...

You look gorgeous!! Wonderful work !!

Sarah Kite said...

You look absolutely amazing, I am SOOO proud of you!

Lindsay Brown said...

Seriously girlfriend ... you look absolutely AMAZING!!! Great job!!!!!

CarlaMom2AnSnM said...

The pictures are FANTASTIC and may I just say...I AGREE with the shorts thing - wth do these people think?!?!?! Why does it need to gap massively at the waist, but not have any room for the thighs???? LOL. Good job and keep up the good work!!