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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Crafty Side........

So apparently in my old age my craftiness side has blossomed....LOL....so here is a collection of things I have made or helped make! My friend Christina and I sew on a weekly basis now....actually this week it was twice...but who's counting right? It's very enjoyable, and plus my kids are usually down for a nap, so that makes it twice as great!!! Here are the pics!

This was my very first thing to pick up and sew(in an insanely long time!) It's my very first pillowcase dress!!! Madi looooves it!

This was my second bow to make....my SAHM's group hosted a bow party,

and I learned how to make these!! I bought a ton of ribbon and haven't make another one since!!! HAHAHAHAH!This is my first cloth book! Very cute....the pattern wasn't

printed straight on the fabric, so it's a little lopsided!! But the kiddos still love it!

And the best creation thus far!!! Christina and I made this wine bag!!! It was insanely easy to make....but the directions were confusing!I also made coordinating coasters......it's for a giveaway through the SAHM's group.....Pajama Night!!! Best PJ's win these for prizes!!! Lucky Dogs!

And these coasters were my first set!! The lime green really doesn't photograph well....but they are adorable!!! And super easy and cheap to make! This little set right here only ran about $3.25!!! And the pink and black ones above ran less than that!!!

So these are the things I've made in the past few weeks!! It's National Sewing Month, so Christina and I have vowed to make at least one project/week. She's on like number seven for the week I think! LOL >>> you can check out her blog in my favorites! It's Trying Sew Hard!! Really really cute stuff!!! Until Next time!!!

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