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Friday, September 12, 2008

Met my quota......LOL

So I have been a busy bee this week......I made two more projects! On Wednesday I dipped into the world of toys...and made an "I Spy Bag"....it was so much fun to make! And Chance even enjoys playing with it.....or throwing it at me! LOL.... Here's the pic of that beautiful project!

Note to self: When making an "I Spy Bag", make sure and double check your list....or your list will end up with doubles.........hmmmmmmm..........OOPS!!

My second project for the week was Trick Or Treat Bags for the kiddos. I didn't want them to have ginormous bags to lug around....so I made them toddler size bags. They turned out so cute! And they didn't cost me a dime. The fabric was a remnant that my Momma sent me in a big box of goodies! And the ribbon I have had forever....don't really even think I bought it....found it in an old box of ribbon.....it was probably my Momma's.....They turned out so cute! And thank God Christina showed me how to box the bottoms! It makes them look so much nicer, and also like I put a whole lotta work into them....but in all actuality, it's not that much work....very easy!

So the quota thing.....yeah, I told Christina at the beginning of the month that I would promise to do one project a week for the month of September, because it's National Sewing Month, so I met that quota yesterday....in less than two weeks! The first two projects were the coasters and winebag....I could only claim half of the winebag though.... ;) Then there was Madi's skirt, then we have the "I Spy Bag", and last but not least the two trick or treat bags! I'm DONE!!! I'll continue on, but I'm just impressed that I met my quota....lol.....So for now, I say goodbye! I will update soon with more pictures of our latest creations! We are going to garage sales tomorrow, so God only knows what we will come up with next!

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