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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It was absolutely amazing and I'm absolutely positive that we will be returning!! The Riu Palace was amazing and just plain gorgeous! Everyone was super nice and the place was clean!! The beds were even comfy! The only complaint I had, was no water pressure in the room....but oh well....It just took a bit longer for me to shower...I have a lot of surface area to cover...HAHAHAHA! Thanks for and AMAZING time Cory and Christina! Til' next year!

View from our balcony!!

I look just like my momma in this pic....I'm not complainin'!! Yay for thin face!! HHAA!

The last night we were there....I love this pic....even my honey's red face! LOL

GOOD LORDY! I love this pic!!!

This is my favorite pic from the trip! My sister spiced it up for me!! LOL

Two hot Mommas!!!

The whole group! Very sad it was our last night, but so very
excited to get home and see our babies!!
The morning we were leaving. I was EXHAUSTED!!!
Toooo muuuuch allllcooohol!


The Barger's said...

Aww it looks beautiful, I'm jealous. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, you all deserve it.

Valz said...

looks like you had a very good time :D