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Friday, August 21, 2009

my other babies.....

The other babies...aka...the dogs, are getting HUGE! Well, Kiki is done growing, but Trixie is 9 months old now, and she's tipping the scales at about 110! She's so stinkin HUGE! and very very very sweeeeet! So here are a few pics!

This is usually how are mornings are spent...Jaxon plays hide and seek with Kiki and Trixie....lol...it's pretty darn cute!


This is the face that we are in looooove with!

and this one too!

We're going to have to get an eye surgery for Trixie...she has what's called entropion. It's where the eyelid folds into the eye. She doesn't show any discomfort from it. Only gross discharge and we have to keep her eye flushed out a lot. But she has no pain! or at least shows none at all! So we're holding off on the surgery for a bit. It's going to cost us about $700....so we have to save for a bit. I'm also holding off in hopes that once head grows into her skin, that it may change things a bit.
On a sad note, we had to get rid of Oliver...our cross-eyed kitty. He wouldn't stop peeing on anything and everything we own...mainly beds...I took him to the vet and had him all checked out, he was totally fine...so we let another family adopt him. Hope they have better luck. That made for a very sad homecoming from Texas.

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