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Thursday, June 18, 2009



Well, we have one week til' Cabo!! This time next week, I will be on the way to the airport with my lovely husband!! I can't wait!! We haven't been on a loooong vacation since our honeymoon 5 long years ago!!

Then of course we have play-doh pictures! Matt and Tania got the kiddos this play-doh set, and I was none too happy. I have avoided play-doh like the plague...but ya know what? It wasn't that bad!!! They were pretty careful with the stuff, and picked it up when they dropped it! The table looked like a speckled war zone, but hey, once that dries, you just sweep it off onto the floor and vacuum it up! Here are some cute pics!
This is Madi's thinkin' face....lmao

And here we have Jaxon's thinkin' face! HA!

Daddy's Creation!

Mommy's Creation...don't be jealous of my creativity....HAHAHAH!


The Barger's said...

I love there thinkin faces. Dylan has the same thinkin face as Jaxon. Don't you love it? I think the tongue helps them figure things out.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! You guys are going to have a blast! Take plenty of pictures and stay away from anyone with a machine gun! Haha Take care and have fun!

CarlaMom2AnSnM said...

So glad you finally made the step to play-doh LOL. Every mom has to ya' know LOL.