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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been a while.....

Boy... I haven't written on this thing in forever!!! Let's see....I'm holding my weight steady between 262 and 257....how annoying...We ordered a Precor elliptical and it should get in this week, so hopefully in the next few weeks I will be reporting much more weight loss....I guess the bike just isn't cutting it. Or I could blame it on WINE TASTING!!! I went with some of the most fun people on Saturday and we enjoyed a day of wine tasting, and just plain having fun! I haven't just relaxed and cut loose like that in FOREVER!! I was able to be loud and crude, and no one cared! Or at least I hope they didn't...lol....Here are a few pics. I have over 300....but I can't post them all here!

First stop....EOS

Christina and I at EOS....really great moscato!!

Next stop....Derby....aka...double wide!!! LOL

3rd stop.....Here is the group at Tobin James!!!

and yes....that is Mr. Tobin James himself! Signing my bottles of wine! He was a super nice guy!

This was probably my favorite place, their wines were amazing and the place was just plain BEAUTIFUL!! (4th stop)

Erin and Tracey....before Tracey got hit by a ton of bricks!!! LOL! Bless her skinny little heart!

Christina, Carla and myself next to the beautiful pond at Bianchi! GORGEOUS!

The group at Clautiere....very cool place...but very very small.....5th stop

I like this pic of me and Carla....she was diggin that hat!!!

This was out in front of Eberle. (6th stop) They had a ton of awards, but I wasn't impressed with their stuff....nor their common courtesy...lol...."Do you want to take the tour or not?" GEEZ! LMAO

And this is the end......what a beautiful perfect day! Thanks for all the fun ladies!!!! You have no clue how much your friendship means to me. Thank you for that.

Carla, Erin, Christina, Erika, Cynthia, Tracey, me, and Peejay!


Christina Marie said...

Nope didn't mind your rudeness or crudeness at all! In fact, all your readers should go to your Facebook page and check out that awesome 44 second video of us singing Tom Petty .... pay close attention the beginning people. LOL I'm kidding! Thanks for coming! it was loads of fun....!

CarlaMom2AnSnM said...

HAHA - Yeah, the ultimate crudeness is evident in the video LOL. I had a FANTASTIC time and am so glad you did too :)