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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crafty Craft Time!

I made some more stuff, so here it is!!!

A knot blanket for my father in law....but I might keep it, it goes with my decor really really well. LOL

This is Madi's crayon roll! Thanks for all the fabric Christina! LOL! Hers just looked way better than any of mine did last night...lol

And then there is Jaxon's Crayon roll, which turned out to be a tee total disaster, but it looks cute rolled up! LOL

So after I finished Joe's knot blanket yesterday I whipped these little cuties up...lol...They are little bows made out of the corners from the knot blanket....I'm thinking they would look pretty precious on some crocheted headbands!!!

In other news, it's only Wednesday and it has been quite a stressful week.....Oxy went through and did lay offs yesterday, I don't think I've ever been as sick to my stomach as I was yesterday. I didn't feel better til Chance came home at lunch and said they were done. I was so relieved, but deeply saddened, because others were laid off....Hang in there guys. I would love everyone to keep them in your prayers, this economy is really doing a number on everyone.

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Tara said...

Man I love ALL of the new crafts, but that knot blanket is FANTASTIC!