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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

11 months...

May 6th marked the 11 month date.  I can't believe it has already almost been a year!  It's so exciting to see how far I've come in this last 11 months!  I've really buckled down on my food intake the past few days and it's already paying off!  I let those pesky Dr. Peppers slip back in and it about hung me.  I actually got all the way back up to 190.  Then I had a minor freak out and now as of this morning, I'm down to 185.6!  WOOT WOOT!  It's all about the foods you're eating people!  It's a perfect balanced meal for a reason!  LOL  I'm learning this, slowly, but surely.  I'll be doing measurements at my year mark!  I'm excited to see how many inches total I've lost! 

Til next month :)

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