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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!

So I turned 27 on Sept 19th! And on the 18th, the best friends a girl could have took me out for my birthday! I had so much fun....here are the highlights of the evening!

The waiters asked Amy if I would drink a free drink if they brought it to me...she said sure! So they brought out a Jager Bomb...which might I add is my allll time favorite drink! And they proceeded with the ceremonious "CHUG CHUG CHUG" chant. In a restaurant! HAHA! lovely. The older couple sitting across from us just looooooved that! HAHAHAH!

poor poor Stacey...she was stuck next to Chris half the night.....poor poor Stacey...she was also our DD and completely sober the entire evening...HAHAH!

Check that out! Amy gave a toothy smile! She never does that!

These are the "roses" the bartenders and waitstaff guy made me. They called me baby girl and gave me 6 free drinks! I think the animal print shirt worked. HAHAHA!
p.s. check out my new tattoo! It's a nautical star. My best friend Ben and I have one and soon to come Nathan will have one. A nautical star means "you'll always find your way home."

When Peejay goes pee every 30 seconds, you can still lots of her drink!

roses also double as shrek ears.
just in case you cared...

bitch always tryin to steal my drink...hehehe

buttery nipples....STRONG

I loooove me some Peejay.

Happy Birthday to ME! Thanks again girlies!


Christina Marie said...

Happy Birthday! it was fun :) But there was a lot of ragging on Christina in that post ;)

MissBillie said...

OH pleease! You know I looove you! I just love the look Stacey is giving you in that picture! HAHAHA! like "you crazy" HAHAHAHA